Thomas Jervis

Short Name: Thomas Jervis
Full Name: Jervis, Thomas, 1748-1833
Birth Year: 1748
Death Year: 1833

Jervis, Thomas, son of a Presbyterian Minister of the same name, was born at Ipswich in 1748, and educated for the Ministry at Hoxton. In 1770 he was appointed classical and mathematical tutor at the Exeter Academy. From 1772 to 1783 he was tutor to the sons of the Earl of Shelburne, at Bowood, where Dr. Priestley was librarian. In the latter year Jervis succeeded Dr. A. Rees at St. Thomas's Southwark, moving in 1796, after the death of Dr. Kippis, to the Princes' St. Chapel, Westminster. From 1808 to 1818 he was minister at the Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds. After his retirement he lived in the neighbourhood of London, and died there in 1833. Jervis was one of the four editors of A Collection of Hymns & Psalms for Public & Private Worship, London, 1795. He contributed 17 hymns to the 1st ed., and 4 to its Supplement, 1807. Of these several are found in later Unitarian collections in Great Britain and America, including:—
1. God to correct a guilty world. Divine Providence.
2. Great God, Thine attributes divine. Confidence in God.
3. Lord of the world's majestic frame. Praise a Duty.
4. Shall I forsake that heavenly Friend? Constancy desired.
5. Sweet is the friendly voice which [that] speaks. Peace to the Penitent.
6. Thou, Lord, in mercy wilt regard. Penitence.
7. With sacred joy we lift our eyes. Divine Worship. This is given in Laudes Domini, N.Y., 1884, as: "With joy we lift our eyes."
These hymns all date from 1795, and the most popular are Nos. 4 and 6. [Rev. Valentine D. Davis, B.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Thomas Jervis (1748–1833) was an English unitarian minister.

Texts by Thomas Jervis (25)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Before the awful throne we bowJervis (Author)3
Before Thy throne we bowThomas Jervis (Author)2
Eternal God, thy works of mightJervis (Author)5
Eternal God, to theeThomas Jervis (Author)1
God, to correct a guilty worldThomas Jervis (Author)English29
Great God, how vast is thine abodeJervis (Author)15
Great God, thine attributes divineThomas Jervis (Author)25
Great Source of all that we enjoyJervis (Author)5
How sweet the friendly voice that speaksThomas Jervis (Author)1
How vast is the tribute I oweJervis (Author)17
I love the voice divine that speaksThomas Jervis (Author)3
Lord of the world's majestic frameThomas Jervis (Author)15
O Father of mercy, the hearer of prayerThomas Jervis (Author)3
Shall I forsake that heavenly friendThomas Jervis (Author)12
Sweet is the friendly voice that speaksJervis (Author)38
That solemn day will soon arriveThomas Jervis (Author)7
The God of heaven is kind and justThomas Jervis (Author)8
The man whose firm and equal mindThomas Jervis (Author)11
Thou, Lord, in mercy wilt regard Jervis (Author)9
To calm the sorrows of the mindThomas Jervis (Author)21
When all the powers of nature failJervis (Author)14
While in thy house of prayer we kneelThomas Jervis (Author)3
While with remorse and woe oppressedJervis (Author)10
With joy we lift our eyesThomas Jervis (Author)English76
With sacred joy we lift our eyesJervis (Author)English58

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