Mary D. James

Mary D. James
Short Name: Mary D. James
Full Name: James, Mary D. (Mary Dagworthy), 1810-1883
Birth Year: 1810
Death Year: 1883

Mary Dagworthy Yard James USA 1810-1883. Born at Trenton, NJ, she began teaching Sunday school at age 13 in the Methodist Episcopal Church. She married Henry B James, and they had four children: Joseph, Mary, Ann, and Charles.. She became a prominent figure in the Wesleyan Holiness movement of the early 1800s, assisting Phoebe Palmer (also a hymnist) and often leading meetings at Ocean Grove, NJ, and elsewhere. She wrote articles that appeared in the “Guide to holiness”, “The New York Christian advocate”, “The contributor”, “The Christian witness:, “The Christian woman”, “The Christian standard”, and the “Ocean Grove record”. She wrote a biography of Edmund J Yard entitled, “The soul winner” (1883). She strived to live a life as close to Christ as possible. She died in New York City.

John Perry

Texts by Mary D. James (93)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A los pies de Jesucristo Es el sitio aquí mejorMary D. James (Author)Spanish1
All for Jesus! All for Jesus! All my being's ransomed powersMrs. Mary D. James (Author)English201
All glorious Christ the world's great needMary D. James (Author)2
Alles geb' ich hin für JesumMary D. James (Author)German3
Allt för Jesus, allt för Jesus!Mary D. James (Author)Swedish2
Almost saved, almost savedMary D. James (Author)3
Amid the world's tumultsMary D. James (Author)2
And did he hear that little prayerMary D. James (Author)2
Are you drifting down life's currentMary D. James (Author)7
Behold the rock, the smitten rockMary D. James (Author)7
Christ Jesus is my anchorage groundMary D. James (Author)6
Christian, tell me is thy lightMary D. James (Author)3
Come, ,join our temperance bandMary D. James (Author)3
Come, thou blessed Holy SpiritMary D. James (Author)4
Come, weary wanderer, to thy restMary D. James (Author)English2
Count the merciesMary D. James (Author)2
Crowded is your heart with caresMary D. James (Author)12
都歸耶穌,都歸耶穌 (Dōu guī yēsū, dōu guī yēsū)Mary D. James (Author)Chinese2
Deep in the mire of sinMary D. James (Author)2
Descansando en la rocaMary James (Author)Spanish2
Exhaustless Source of blessingMary D. James (Author)2
Ganz für Jesum, ganz für Jesum!Mary D. James (Author)German1
Geist, Seele, Leib und LebenMary D. James (Author)German1
Go tell the great Redeemer's loveMary D. James (Author)5
Good night, good night, we will meet in the morningMary D. James (Author)3
"Good tidings," "Good tidings!" A Saviour is born!Mary D. James (Author)3
Good tidings, good tidings, ring outMary D. James (Author)3
Grander than the billowy oceanMary D. James (Author)2
He is a whole Christ, he is a full SaviorMary D. James (Author)4
He is not dead, but sleepethMary D. James (Author)2
Herr, hier bring' ich mein allesMary D. James (Author)German1
Ho ye seekers after pleasureMary D. James (Author)2
Hold up the gospel bannerMary D. James (Author)3
How prospers thy soul, fellow pilgrimMary D. James (Author)3
How sweet the sacred restMrs. Mary D. James (Author)5
I am waiting, only waiting (James)Mary D. James (Author)5
I love to trust in Jesus, my Savior so adoredMary D. James (Author)5
I saw a happy pilgrim, On Zion's shining roadMary D. James (Author)4
I see the bright effulgent raysMary D. James (Author)3
I'm nearing home, life's wintry blastMary D. James (Author)8
I'm standing on the mountainMary D. James (Author)3
In der Felsenkluft geborgenMary D. James (Author)German7
In the rifted rock I'm resting, Safely sheltered I abideMary D. James (Author)English79
In this world of sin and danger How I needMary D. James (Author)4
Jesus, alles sei Dein EigenMary D. James (Author)German1
Jesus called the little onesMrs. Mary D. James (Author)2
Jesus calls us, listen, listenMary D. James (Author)4
Lo the ripened grain is wavingMary D. James (Author)8
Lo we come to preach glad tidingsMary D. James (Author)3
Long I struggled climbingMary D. James (Author)1
Long in sin's dark dreary pathMary D. James (Author)2
Loving words the Shepherd saidMary D. James (Author)2
Lovinly the Savior standsMary D. James (Author)2
Mein Geist, mein Leib und SeeleMary D. James (Author)German1
Mi espíritu, alma y cuerpoMary D. James (Author)Spanish9
Mid the deep and billowy oceanMary D. James (Author)4
Min kropp, min själ och andeMary D. James (Author)2
Mon corps, mon coeur, mon ameMary D. James (Author)2
My body, soul and spirit, Jesus, I give to TheeMary D. James (Author)English121
O blessed fellowship divineMary D. James (Author)English60
O blessed, glorious hopeMary D. James (Author)3
O child of the Kingdom in doubt and distressMary D. James (Author)3
O dies Heil in seiner Fülle!Mary D. James (Author)German1
O glorious promises of GodMary D. James (Author)7
O glory to God in the highestMary D. James (Author)2
O, gracious promises of GodMary D. James (Author)2
O how we love the Sunday schoolMary D. James (Author)2
O save our boys, our cherished boysMary D. James (Author)2
O sing the sweet song of the angelsMary D. James (Author)2
O to touch the great RedeemerMary D. James (Author)2
O weary and wandering oneMary D. James (Author)2
O, dying souls, look up, and seeMrs. Mary D. James (Author)4
O this uttermost salvationMary D. James (Author)English49
One Jesus for allMary D. James (Author)2
One look at the crucified JesusMary D. James (Author)2
Our Father said that precious wordMary D. James (Author)2
Our glorious risen LordMary D. James (Author)2
Out amid the waves of oceanM. D. James (Author)14
Should the summons, quickly flyingMary D. James (Author)21
So will I comfort theeMary D. James (Author)5
Sow beside all watersMrs. Mary D James (Author)1
They are coming with songs, The victorious throngMary D. James (Author)English6
They walked and talked with jesusM. D. James (Author)3
Under his wings I am hidingMary D. James (Author)3
Wehrlos und verlassen sehnt sichMary D. James (Author)German3
What bliss ineffable, divineMrs. Mary D. James (Author)2
When entering the portals of pearlMary D. James (Author)5
Who can unfold the bliss untoldMary D. James (Author)4
Whom have I in heaven but thee, Thee, my light, my life, my blissMary D. James (Author)2
Why not now? The Spirit's pleadingMrs. Mary D. James (Author)3
Wondrous words, how rich in blessingMary D. James (Author)9
Yes, more and more it shinethMary D. James (Author)2
Yes, pray and waitMary D. James (Author)2
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