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Howard Hughes
Short Name: Howard Hughes
Full Name: Hughes, Howard, 1930-
Birth Year: 1930

In his letter of invitation to Brother Howard Hughes, the President of NPM, J. Michael McMahon, declared, “Board Members agreed unanimously that you have created compositions for the liturgy that are beautiful, delightful, and spirited, and that have fostered strong participation by the worshiping assembly as they pray the texts you have set to music.”

The Marianist composer’s first published work was “Mass for Peace” which appeared in Peoples Mass Book, 1964 edition, released by World Library Publications. As liturgical celebration developed in the English vernacular following the Second Vatican Council, Brother Howard produced a wide range of liturgical compositions published by WLP, GIA, ICEL, OCP, LTP, CFCW, FDLC, USCC, RP, NPM, Presbyterian Church USA, and The United Methodist Hymnal Companion. And at the age of 81 he is still composing and accepting commissions for special events.

A Marianist religious for 64 years, this distinguished liturgical musician and composer began as a high teacher of French and director of high school choral groups. In addition Brother Howard also sang in symphonic choruses in New York and in Baltimore. He commented that “conducting high school choral concerts and singing with adult symphonic choruses have been a great help in learning to write music.”

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians will honor Brother Howard Hughes, S.M., as Pastoral Musician of the Year when it gathers for its national convention in Washington, DC, July 29 – August 2, 2012.

Currently the awardee serves as organist and music director for the Marianist Center in Cupertino, CA.


Tunes by Howard Hughes (66)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya, aleluya] (Misa de San José)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)234534 3233
[All pow'r is yours, Lord God]HH (Composer)313217 12171
[Alleluia, alleluia] (Hughes 12343)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)812343 21231
[Alleluia] (Hughes 13565)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)913565 13565 17656
[Alleluia, alleluia] (Hughes 11234)Howard L. Hughes (Composer)311234 54321
[Alleluia, alleluia] (12312)Howard Hughes (Composer)212312 312
[Fourfold amen] (Misa de San Jose)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)234534 32331 23121
[Threefold Amen] (Mass of the Divine Word)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)417123 421
[Anunciamos tu muerte] (Misa de San Jose)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)233333 233
[Arise, O God, and rule the earth]Howard Hughes, S. M. (Composer)2
[You have put on Christ] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, b. 1930 (Composer)2912345 65565 43451
[Bless the Lord, O my soul] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM, b. 1930 (Composer)256653 23356 71
[Cada vez que comemos de este pan] (Misa de San Jose)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)234553 43233 3
[Christ is born for us] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)431217 665
[Cleanse us, Lord, from all our sins]Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)356176 712
[Come, let us worship the Lord] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)432316 12
[Cordero de Dios, que quitas el pecado del mundo] (Misa de San José)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)215545 54544 31171
[Cry out with joy to the Lord, all the earth] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)456123 45321
[Drink in the richness of God]Howard Hughes (Composer)232165 61
[Give back to me the joy of your salvation]HH (Composer)513217 1
GLORIA (French)Howard L. Hughes (Arranger (final refrain))233355 43323 53213
[Glory to you, Word of God] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)212454 345
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Mass of the Divine Word)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)441712 34211 31271
[Holy is God, holy and strong]HH (Composer)311711 72112 3417
[I have called to you, Lord] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)451345 3
[I have called to you, Lord; hasten to help me] (Hughes)Howard Hughes (Composer)246176 71676 54
[I know that my redeemer lives] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)1035667 16565 43454
[The angel of the Lord will rescue those who fear him]HH (Composer)372176 5
[I will praise my God all the days of my life] (Schiavone)Howard Hughes (Composer (psalm tone))355654 5
[I will sing to the Lord, for he is gloriously triumphant]Howard Hughes (Composer)356171 3
[O come, bless the Lord, all you who serve the Lord] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)911111 71471
[In you, O Lord, I take refuge] (Hughes)Howard Hughes (Composer)243212 34
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)412334 23121 71131
[Let the Lord enter] (Proulx)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer (psalm tone))155652
[Listen, Lord, and answer me]HH (Composer)245612
[Lord, by your cross and resurrection] (Hugehs)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)231353 45653 12356
[Lord, make us turn to you] (Hughes)HH (Composer)376565 3
[Lord, when your glory appears, my joy will be full] (Hughes)HH (Composer)2
[Lord, you are good and forgiving] (Hughes)HH (Composer)212321
[May the angels lead you into paradise] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)855712 32121 2
[My God, come quickly to help me] (Hughes)HH (Composer)233721 7
[My soul is thirsting for the living God]HH (Composer)211215
[Chant] (Hughes 11121)Howard Hughes (Composer)211121 121
[O Lord, come and save us]Howard Hughes, SM (Composer (psalm tone))156176 5
[O Lord, you have probed me and you know me] (Hughes)Howard Hughes (Composer)221556 5
[Por tu immensa gloria] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)254343 233
[Praise the Lord, my soul] (Proulx)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer (psalm tone))155615
[Put your hope in the Lord]HH (Composer)435665 6
[Salvation, glory and power to our God]Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)613217 12171
[Santo, Santo, Santo es el Señor] (Misa de San José)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)234534 3233
[Señor, ten piedad] (Misa de San José)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)233553 33553
[Sing to the Lord a new song] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)755324 31265
TE LUCIS ANTE TERMINUM (13244)Howard Hughes, SM (Adapter)513244 432
[Teach me to do your will, my God]HH (Composer)212321
[The Lord is kind and everlasting]HH (Composer)222123 27176 75
[The Lord is kind and merciful] (Hughes)HH (Composer)255671 277
[The Lord is my light and my salvation] (Hughes)Howard Hughes (Composer (Antiphon))333345 31
[The Lord is risen] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)451123 1
[The Lord is tender and caring]Howard Hughes (Composer)251765 3455
[The Lord's kindness is everlasting] (Hughes)HH (Composer)322123 27176 7
[The sky tells the glory of God]Howard Hughes (Composer)355671 765
[This is the wood of the cross] (Hughes)HH (Composer)411175 71
[Though he was in the form of God]HH (Composer)467176 77765 64446
[Today if you hear the voice of the Lord] (Hughes)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)455556 71767 15
[Today is born our Savior] (Hughes)Howard Hughes (Composer)255432 3431
[When we eat this bread and drink this cup] (Mass of the Divine Word)Howard Hughes, SM (Composer)455171 23421
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