George C. Hugg

George C. Hugg
Short Name: George C. Hugg
Full Name: Hugg, George C. 1848-1907
Birth Year: 1848
Death Year: 1907

George Crawford Hugg USA 1848-1907. Born near Haddonfield, NJ, he became choirmaster at the Berlin, NJ, Presbyterian Church at age 12. At age 14 he published his first song, “Walk in the light”, which became very popular. He married Anne E Ketchum, and they had a daughter, Evangeline. He served as choirmaster of the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, and also the Broad Street and Arch Street Methodist Episcopal Churches there. He was also closely associated with the Harper Memorial Presbyterian Church there. He was a prolific composer with over 2000 works, publishing 18 books of revival and Sunday school music, and 90 songs for special occasions (Christmas, Easter, etc.). He died in Philadelphia, PA.

John Perry

Texts by George C. Hugg (55)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
Anywhere with Jesus says the Christian heartGeo. C. Hugg (Arranger)English1
Holy, holy, holy, God of hostsGeorge C. Hugg (Author)1
I will love thee, O my TreasureGeo. C. Hugg (Arranger)1
Strong to redeem is the Lord who hath loved meGeorge C. Hugg (Author)1
Carol sweetly carol, A Savior born todayG. C. H. (Arranger)English2
Christ is risen! Christ is risen! And hath conquered the graveG. C. H. (Author)2
Clad in the gospel armor, read to goGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
From the old grey tow'r, let the glad bells ringGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, lift the voiceGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
How sweet the hour when man retiresGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
I have read of a wonderful city Whose inhabitantsGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
In the home coming of our KingGeorge C. Hugg (Author)English2
In the sunlight, bright and glowingGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
List, the merry bells are ringingGeorge C. Hugg (Author)English2
List, the sweetly chiming bellsGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
Lord of hosts, we come adoringGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
Lord, we come again with songs of gladnessGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
O, come to the living streamGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
O what a promise God has givenGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
On this bright and glorious morningGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
Onward we come, Singing with gleeGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
Over Jordan, over JordanGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
Put on, put on, the whole armor of GodGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, the mighty King has comeGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
Ring, happy bells of Christmas, ringG. C. H. (Arranger)English2
Ring, ring the bells, ring the sweet Easter bellsGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
Sing again to me of JesusG. C. H. (Author)2
Stretch forth thy hand, thy withered handGeo. C. Hugg (Author)English2
The birds on leafy bough singingG. C. H. (Author)2
The morning light shone faint and dimGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
There is a land far, from sorrow freeGeo. C. Hugg (Author)2
Wenn auf Todesnacht einst der Morgen tagtG. C. H. (Author)German2
When the ransomed shall return to Zion fairGeorge C. Hugg (Author)English2
With song we celebrate the dayGeorge C. Hugg (Author)2
Make room for the Blessed PhysicianGeorge C. Hugg (Author)English3
O believer, now rejoiceGeo. C. Hugg (Author)English3
Praise ye, Praise ye, Praise ye the Lord!Geo C. Hugg (Author)3
See the seal is rudely brokenGeorge C. Hugg (Author)English3
Soft the evening bells are ringingGeo. C. Hugg (Author)3
Sweet bells, ring on your Christmas songGeo. C. Hugg (Author)English3
There's a great happy throng by the bright Jasper seaGeo. C. Hugg (Author)3
A song of joy pervades the airGeorge C. Hugg (Author)4
Forward go and let the strainGeorge C. Hugg (Author)4
Hark, I hear my Savior say Weary child, lean on meGeo. C. Hugg (Author)English4
The precious love of Jesus, It saveth even meGeo. C. Hugg (Author)English4
When we rise to greet the Master in the morningGeo. C. Hugg (Author)4
O my sweet home, JerusalemGeo. C. Hugg (Arranger)English5
Safe on board the old ship ZionG. C. H. (Author)English5
Sing and rejoice all ye peopleGeorge C. Hugg (Author)5
Floating downward through the midnightGeo. C. Hugg (Author)English8
There is sunlight in my soul, blessed sunlightG. C. H. (Author)8
When this poor heart is burdened with griefGeo. C. Hugg (Author)English8
Happy home coming of our KingGeorge Crawford Hugg (Author)9
Lowly entombed he layG. C. H. (Author)English19
In the morn of morns when we all meet thereG. C. H. (Author)English23

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