Anna Hoppe

Anna  Hoppe
Anna Hoppe
Short Name: Anna Hoppe
Full Name: Hoppe, Anna, 1889-1941
Birth Year: 1889
Death Year: 1941

Anna Hoppe was born on May 7, 1889 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She left school after the eighth grade and worked as a stenographer. She began writing patriotic verses when she was very young and by the age of 25 she was writing spiritual poetry. After some of her poems appeared in the Northwestern Lutheran, a periodical of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, they came to the attention of Dr. Adolf Hult of Augustana Seminary, Rock Island, Illinois. He influenced her to write her Songs for the Church Year (1928). Several hymnals include her work, which was usually set to traditional chorale melodies, although she also made a number of translations. She died on August 2, 1941 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Texts by Anna Hoppe (86)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A sower goeth forth to sowAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
All glory be to Thee, O GodAnna B. Hoppe (Translator)English2
All that I have, O FatherAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
Ascend, dear Lord, thy earthly toil is doneAnna Hoppe (Author)English5
Be thou ever true to JesusAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
Be thou faithful until death (Schmolk)Anna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
Boast, O world, of all thy learningAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English2
By nature deaf to things divineAnna B. Hoppe (Author)5
Christ the King and Savior reignethAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English2
Church of Jesus, wake, awakenAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
Church of prayer, let Christ thy LordAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
Come again, ye mighty lionsAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
Come and let the Lord now teach youAnna Hoppe (Translator)English2
Come, my famished heart, to JesusAnna Hoppe (Translator)English2
Come, O my Savior, delay theeAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
Comest thou at evening, SaviorAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
Desire of every nationAnna B. Hoppe (Author)English4
Eternal God, our FatherAnna B. Hoppe (Author)3
Eternal, gracious GodAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)2
Faith is a trustful confidenceAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
For the homeland peace and stillnessAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English2
From heaven above, ye angels allAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)2
Go, my soul, to Calvary's browAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English2
God of ages, all transcendingAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
Hail, Hosanna, David's SonAnna Hoppe (Translator)English3
Have ye heard the invitationAnna B. Hoppe (Author)5
He came from realms eternalAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)2
He did not die in vainAnna Hoppe (Author)2
Heavenly Sower, thou hast scatteredAnna Hoppe (Author)5
Herr, fahr empor! die Arbeit ist vollbrachtAnn Hoppe (Author)German2
How blest are they who through the powerAnna B. Hoppe (Author)5
How blest is the soulAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)3
I fear not deathAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)2
I open wide the portals of my heartAnna Hoppe (Author)4
I will return unto the LordAnna Hoppe (Translator)English3
Into thy presence, righteous GodAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
Jesus' death, the death of deathAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
Jesus, O precious name, By heaven's heraldAnna Hoppe (Author)6
Jesus, thine unbounded loveAnna Hoppe (Author)2
Jesus, Thou from death hast risenAnna Hoppe (Translator)English3
Let me say in jubilationAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English2
Like Enoch, let me ever walk with theeAnna Hoppe (Author)2
Little birdie, sweetly singsAnna B. Hoppe (Author)3
Lo, thy king doth come to theeAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English2
Lord Jesus Christ, the children's friend (Hoppe)Anna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
My Savior sinners doth receiveAnna Hoppe (Translator)English1
O church of the word, by the Nazarene foundedAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
O dear Redeemer crucifiedAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
O Father mine, whose mercies never ceaseAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
O Friend of sinners, Son of GodAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
O God of mercies, Father mineAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)4
O God, whom we as father knowAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)2
O joyful message, sent from heavenAnna Hoppe (Author)2
O Kirche des Wortes, auf Christus gegr√ľndetAnna B. Hoppe (Author)German2
O Lord my God, thy holy lawAnna Hoppe (Author)2
O my soul, awake thee nowAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
O precious Savior, heal and blessAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
O precious thought, Some day the mist shall vanishAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English5
O sweet contemplation, dear SaviorAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)2
O thou who once in GalileeAnna Hoppe (Author)English9
O where may the soul find its homeAnna Hoppe (Translator)English2
O world, see here suspendedAnna Hoppe (Translator)3
O world, thy life doth languishAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English2
O'er Jerusalem Thou weepestAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English9
O'er Kedron rings the musicAnna B. Hoppe (Author)2
Precious Child, so sweetly sleepingAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English11
Rejoice, O Zion, shout and singAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)2
Repent, the kingdom draweth nighAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)9
Rise, arise, rise, arise, Zion, riseAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)6
Rise, my soul, to watch and pray, From thy sleep awake thee (Winkworth)Anna Hoppe (Author)English1
Since Christ has gone to heaven to reignAnna Hoppe (Translator)English1
Sinners, work out your salvationAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
Son of God, the heavenly FatherAnna B. Hoppe (Author)3
The bonds of love, my Savior, have sealed me thineAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
The sower goes forth to sowAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)4
There is now no condemnation, to the souls which are in ChristAnna Hoppe (Author)English3
This night a wondrous revelationAnna Hoppe (Translator)English7
Thou camest down from heaven on highAnna Hoppe (Author)4
Thou dust and clay of earthly moldAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3
Thou goest to JerusalemAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
Thou hast indeed made manifestAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
Thou Lord of life and deathAnna B. Hoppe (Author)6
Thou virgin born incarnate WordAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)5
When the clouds of trouble gather and afflictions grieve thee soreAnna Hoppe (Translator)English1
When the clouids of trouble gatherAnna B. D. Hoppe (Author)1
Who knows when death may overtake me (Hoppe)Anna B. D. Hoppe (Author)English3

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