Charlotte G. Homer

Short Name: Charlotte G. Homer
Full Name: Homer, Charlotte G. (See also Gabriel, Chas. Hutchinson)
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1932

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A call rings out to allCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
A song we sing of a mighty KingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
A veil is hung before me, one step is all I seeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Able to deliver! sound it far and nearCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Ala'e! Ala'e! a ha'i i ka lono laniCharlotte G. Homer (Author)Hawaiian2
All around the battle rages with the hosts of sin and wrongCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
All hail to the day when our tribute we payCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
All my human weakness feelingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
All the way my Savior leadeth meCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English9
All things are ready, come to the feastCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English46
Always the best for JesusCharlotte G. Homer (Author)3
As nigh unto Jerusalem in triumph Jesus cameCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Awake, awake, and sing the blessed storyCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English50
Be in earnest every moment of the dayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Be not aweary, for labor will ceaseCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English23
Be strong in the Lord, in the power of His mightCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Behold the King! go forth to meet Him!Charlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
Beneath the banner of the KingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LordCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Brighter than the sunlight glows on my wayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Cast thy bread upon the water (Gabriel)Charlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Cast thy bread upon the waters Nothing from the Lord withholdCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Christian soldier, is the battle long?Charlotte Homer (Author)3
Christian workers, rejoice, although your labors seem in vainCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Cry aloud in joyful adorationCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Dear Lord, I cannot see where thouCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Dear Lord, I cannot see where thou art leading meCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Deep in my heart, like a riverCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Does your burden heavy growCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Draw nigh to us, O God of hostsCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
Enlisted for the KingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
Estupendas y vastas sonCharlotte G. Homer (Author)Spanish1
Eternal King, all hail to theeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Follow me, rings out to the world todayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
From the cross of Christ upliftedCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Gaput' dackel ñga ayatnaCharlotte G. Homet (Author)Tagalog2
Go forth to the harvest, To the fields of ripened grainCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Go, gather in the golden grain, for, lo, 'tis harvest timeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English4
God is love, 'tis written on the flowersCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Great and marvelous are thy works, O Lord of hosts, almighty One!Charlotte G. Homer (Author)English5
Great is Jehovah! Let all creation bow before Him!Charlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Great is the Lord God, our mighty Redeemer, our glorious King!Charlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Great Jehovah, God of our fathersCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
He shall feed his flock like a shepherd (Gabriel)Charlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
He that believeth on the Son, 'tis written in His wordCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Hear the song the happy reapers singCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
Help to fill the world with singingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
His name above all other namesCharlotte G. Homer (Author)3
Holy Lord, God of hosts, we bend before theeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Hosanna, loud hosanna raiseCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
How little we thought when we said GoodnightCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Hurrah for the flag, Old GloryCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
I am walking every day with JesusCharlotte G. Homer (Author)6
I am walking today, in the straight, narrow wayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
I can hear my Savior say I am with theeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
I have a Savior so loving and trueCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
I heard the reapers' happy songCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
I know not what before me liesCharlotte G. Homer (Author)3
I know that the toils and caresCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
I never could travel life's mazes aloneCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
I rejoice in a new found gladnessCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
I rest upon God's promisesCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Ich trau' auf Gott, er ist mein HirtCharlotte G. Homer (Author)German1
I'll trust in God, He knows the bestCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
I'm dwelling now upon the heightsCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
In loving kindness Jesus cameCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English54
In the Christian warfare with the hosts of sinCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
In the Lord be strong, go forth His will to doCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
In the name of our Savior CommanderCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
In the service of the Master Our days are pasing byCharlotte G. Homer (Author)5
In the silence of the night (Gabriel)Charlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Jesús me vino a rescatarC. G. Homer (Author)Spanish1
Jesus, author of salvation, into Thy presence we comeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Jesus is calling, O hear Him todayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English12
Jesus is mine, in his divineCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Jesus, thou art my redeemerCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Just to know that Jesus leads meCharlotte G. Hosmer (Author)English1
Keep the heart bells ringing as you travel onwardCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
Like a tidal wave of glory Reaching over landCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Like an army we are moving Steadily and at commandCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English13
Lilies, beautiful and whiteCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Lord, as of old at PentecostCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English40
Lord God omnipotent, we lift our hearts to TheeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Lord, how wonderful thy gloryCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Lord of the universeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Loud hosannas joyfully we singCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Loud hosannas we sing unto Christ, our RedeemerCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Loudly unto the world is a chorus resoundingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English28
Low in a manger, dear little StrangerCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Loyalty, loyalty is our watchword everCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
March along together firm and trueCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English20
Marching together at the Lord's commandCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Mi Salvador en su bondadCarlota G. Homer (Author)Spanish2
My hand is in the hand of him who guides me day by dayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
No other way my soul would goCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Now unto the Lord all gloriousCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Now unto the Savior our voices we raiseCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
O Savior, come and walk with meCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
O wondrous love, O boundless loveCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
O Wunderlieb', wie schrankenlos!Charlotte G. Homer (Author)German2
O empty heart, behold a heavenly strangerCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
O speak the name of JesusCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
O what peace is mineCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
One sweet hour with Jesus every dayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
One there is above all others we adoreCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Only one thing my soul desiresCharlotte G. Homer (Author)7
Onward, Christian soldier, ever onward, at the King's commandCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Our cause is just and at the righteous biddingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Out on the highways, out on the bywaysCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Patient reapers of the harvestCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Praise Him, praise Him, Carol a song of gloryCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
Praise the Rock of our salvation, come before Him with a songCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
See, the hosts of God are marching onCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Servant of God, awake unto thy dutyCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English10
Shepherd of Israel, patient and gentleCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Sing to the Lord a new song, Praise Him with hymns of ecstasyCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
So long thou hast patiently knockedCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Softly and tenderly Jesus spakeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Some day I'll reap what I have sownCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English12
Someone will come to the Savior tonight!Charlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Sometime and somewhere my Lord I shall seeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Songs of joy and gladness we delight to raise Charlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Songs of praise we bring to our Savior, KingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English7
Strong is Jehovah, mighty to deliverCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Türmen sich Wogen und brausen gar sehrCharlotte G. Homer (Author)German1
Thankful hearts we bringCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
The lore of morning lights the skiesCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
The trumpet of battle is soundingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
There are blessings gently falling on us like the rainCharlotte G. Homer (Author)3
There is a dwelling place I knowCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
There is a safe retreat from every evilCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
There's a battle now begunCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
There's a city that hath no need of lightCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
There's a crown of beauty waiting me over thereCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
There's a prize before us in the race we runCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
There's a song I love to sing, Love to hear its echoes ringCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
There's a song of joy echoing over all the worldCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
There's a song that floats on the airCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
There's a work to be doneCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
These little feet of mineCharlottte G. Homer (Author)2
They that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the sunCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Thou art not very far from the kingdom, Almost thou’rt persuaded todayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Through all the changing scenes of life, I want to be more like JesusCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
Thy word, O Lord, is my delightCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
'Tis a reasonable service Jesus asks of meCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
True and faithful we would be along the way of lifeCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
Unto all people said JesusCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Unto the day when he with all his holy angelsCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Unto the God whom we adore, joyful hosannas we bringCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Victory is the song echoing loud and longCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Walking with Jesus, O how delightfulCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Wandering weary, lonely and drearyCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
We are marching under the banner victoriousCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English12
We are soldiers marching up the highwayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
We need thee, tender, faithful GuideCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
We will crown Christ KingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
We're encamped upon the battle fieldCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
What a Savior Jesus isCharlotte G. Homer (Author)6
What grace thou dost show toward usCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
What is sweeter, tell meCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English9
When I grow weary, almost despairCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English2
When tempted to do that which you know to be wrongCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
When the soul is oppressed by the heat of the dayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
While the dew of life still glistens on the flowerCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Why art thou sleeping, 'tis time for reapingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Why should I fear that the way will be drearyCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
With a purpose fixed within the heartCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
With my Lord I'll go wherever he may leadCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English1
With our banner waving over usCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Within my heart a song, is ringing all day longCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
Wonderful art thou, the God we adore Charlotte G. Homer (Author)1
Wonderful, Counsellor, everlasting FatherCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
Wrapped in the colors he died in defendingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
You ask me why I'm happy, why I'm singing all the dayCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
You today a wondrous work of love may doCharlotte G. Homer (Author)1
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