Ira Evans Hicks

Short Name: Ira Evans Hicks
Full Name: Hicks, Ira Evans
Birth Year: 1875
Death Year: 1941

Texts by Ira Evans Hicks (11)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Far away from the fold (Hicks)I. E. H. (Author)English3
Give thanks to God, for he is good, His mercy ever doth endureIra Evans Hicks (Author)English2
Lift your eyes, ye idle ChristiansI. E. H. (Author)English2
Lift your eyes ye weary ChristiansIra Evans Hicks (Author)English2
Now another day is endedI. E. H. (Author)English2
O come, come away from worldly toil reposing!Ira Evans Hicks (Author)English2
O soul bowed down with toil and careIra Evans Hicks (Author)English3
O wanderer, away on the mountain coldI. E. H. (Author)English3
Saved for service we're a loyal bandI. E. H. (Author)English4
Some day I'm going home, to dwell on earth no moreI. E. H. (Author)English2
The Master is come and is calling todayIra Evans Hicks (Author)English2
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