Bret Hesla

Short Name: Bret Hesla
Full Name: Hesla, Bret, 1957-
Birth Year: 1957 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Bret Hesla (19)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Come here, all you six-foot gladiolasBret Hesla (Author)English2
El banquete ya está listo (Come, the banquet hall is ready)Bret Hesla, n. 1957 (Translator)English, Spanish3
Give us bread for the journey, give us breadBret Hesla (Author)English2
Hoy me levanto muy tempranoBret Hesla (Translator)Spanish7
Jesus is coming; pave the way with branchesBret Hesla (Author)2
Jew and Greek will live side by sideBret Hesla (Author)English2
Juntos creamos espirituBret Hesla (Author)English, Spanish2
Cuando se va la esperanzaBret Hesla (Translator)Spanish2
Praise, praise, praise the LordBret Hesla (Author (vs. 2-5))English1
Que acompaña a nuestro puebloBret Hesla (Translator (Stanzas))Spanish3
Que se alegren los pobres de la tierra (May the poor people of the earth be joyful)Bret Hesla, n. 1957 (Translator)English, Spanish3
Si descubres en la mañana los mil colores de la creación (When the first new light of the rising sun comes to wake the colors of dawn)Bret Hesla (Translator)English, Spanish4
Slowly, slowly the evening falls 'til the stars appearBret Hesla (Author)English2
Stand in awe of the one who hears the cry of the poorBret Hesla (Adapter)English2
Tatanaca, mamanaca, Sarantañani (Men and women, let us walk and let's walk together)Bret Hesla (Paraphraser)Aymara1
Vos sos el destazado en la cruzBret Hesla (Translator)Spanish1
With a song of joy the buds shall breakBret Hesla (Author)English2
Working hard to survive is no guaranteeBret Hesla (Author)English2
You were tortured and nailed to the crossBret Hesla (Translator (English))English, Spanish2
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