Contractus Hermannus

Short Name: Contractus Hermannus
Full Name: Hermannus, Contractus, 1013-1054
Birth Year: 1013
Death Year: 1054

Hermannus Contractus (also known as Herimanus Augiensis or Hermann von Reichenau) was the son of Count Wolverad II von Altshausen. He was born 18 February, 1013 at Altshausen (Swabia). He was a cripple at birth, but intellectually gifted. Therefore his parents sent him to be taught by Abbot Berno on the island of Reichenau. He took his monastic vows here and died on Reichenau 21 September, 1054. He was a mathematician, astronomer, musician, chronicler, and poet, among other things. He is frequently credited as the author of "Alma Redemptoris Mater" and "Salve Regina"

Dianne Shapiro, from Schlager, P. (1910). Hermann Contractus. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Retrieved October 13, 2014 from New Advent:

Hermannus Contraecus, so called because of his crippled condition, is also known as Hermann of Vöhringen, Hermann of Reichenau, and Hermann der Gebrechliche. He was the son of the Count of Vöhringen in Swabia, and was born on July 18, 1013. He entered the school of St. Gall, circa 1020, and soon developed, although so young, an intense interest in his studies. It is said of him that he rapidly mastered Latin, Greek, and Arabic. History, music, mathematics, philosophy, and theology engaged his attention, and in each study he attained marked success. Some go so far as to say with confidence that he translated Aristotle's Poetics and Rhetoric from the Arabic, but the statement is disputed by others. At thirty years of age he removed from St. Gall to the monastery of Reichenau, where he remained to his death, Sept. 24, 1054. His name is associated with several hymns of historical importance, and notably the following:—
1. Alma Redemptoris, Mater quae pervia coeli.
2. Rex omnipotens die hodierna.
3. Sancti Spiritus adsit nobis gratia.
4. Salve Regina.
5. Veni Sancte spiritus, Et emitte.
6. Veni Sancte spiritus: Reple.
7. Victimae Paschali.
The conclusions arrived at in annotations of these hymns concerning their respective authorship will be found somewhat adverse to Hermannus's claims with regard to Nos. 2 and 4, and positively against him with respect to Nos. 3,5 and 7. Some of these conclusions will be found to be utterly opposed to those of Duffield on the same hymns in his Latin Hymn-Writers, &c, 1889, pp. 149-168. This difference of opinion arises mainly out of the fact that the manuscript at St. Gall and at the British Museum were not examined by Duffield, and are much older and more important than any of those with which he was acquainted.

--Excerpts from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix I (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Blessed Hermann of Reichenau (July 18, 1013 – September 24, 1054), also known by , was an 11th-century Benedictine monk and scholar. He composed works on history, music theory, mathematics, and astronomy, as well as many hymns. He has traditionally been credited with the composition of "Salve Regina", "Veni Sancte Spiritus", and "Alma Redemptoris Mater", although these attributions are sometimes questioned. His cultus and beatification were confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church in 1863.

Texts by Contractus Hermannus (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Alma Redemptoris Mater (Loving Mother of our Savior)Hermannus Contractus, 1013-1054 (Author (attributed to))English3
Alma redemptoris mater, quae pervia coeliContractus Hermannus (Author)English2
Come Holy Ghost! come, Lord our God!Herrmannus Contractus of Reichenau, b. 1013 (Author)English2
Come, Holy Ghost, in love, Shed on us from aboveHermanus Contractus? (1013-1054) (Author)English4
Hail, holy Queen enthroned aboveContractus Hermannus (Author)35
Hail holy Queen, Mother of mercy sweetHermann Contractus (Author (attributed to))1
Hail, queen of heaven, the ocean starContractus Hermannus (Author)English30
Hail to the queen who reigns aboveContractus Hermannus (Author)5
Holy Spirit, come and shineHermannus Contractus of Reicehnau, b. 1013 (Author)English3
Holy Spirit, Lord of light, From Thy clear celestial height (Caswall)Hermannus Contractus of Reichenau, b. 1013 (Author)English5
Komm, heiliger Geist, Erfüll die herzen deiner gläubigenHermann Contractus (Translator)German4
Mother of Christ, hear thou thy people's cryContractus Hermannus (Author)1
Mother of Jesus, heaven's open gateContractus Hermannus (Author)2
Mother of mercy, hail, O gentle queenContractus Hermannus (Author)1
O turn most gracious advocateContractus Hermannus (Author)2
Salve regina mater misericordi'Contractus Honorarius (Author)7
Salve, Regina, mater misericordiae (Hail, Mary, mother and queen of tender mercy)Hermannus Contractus, 1013-1054 (Author (attributed to))English, Latin3
Salve, Regina, Señora y Madre de piedad (Salve, Regina, mater misericórdiae)Hermanus Contractus, 1013-1054 (Latín, attrib. a)Latin, Spanish2

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