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Short Name: H. A. Henry
Full Name: Henry, H. A. (See also Gabriel, Chas. H.)
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1932

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[A little while, and then the summer day]H. A. Henry (Composer)113321 35651 33213
[Abide with me Lord! in mercy]H. A. H. (Composer)2
[Above the fields of Bethlehem]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Angels from heaven a carol are singing]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Arise, arise to battle, ye soldiers of the Lord]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[The army of Jesus is marching along]H. A. Henry (Composer)155555 67111 13212
[Art thou weary, art thou languid] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)156776 71221 12132
[As onward you press toward the heavenly goal]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Christ, of all my hopes the ground] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)334545 65123 23433
["Come unto Me," the Savior is pleading]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Dear Father, to Thy mercy seat] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Every little hand may work for Jesus]H. A. Henry (Composer)333333 45655 22212
[Father, our Father, who dwelleth in heaven]H. A. Henry (Composer)133355 51113 33266
[Fill every day with work for the Master]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Following Jesus just where He leads me]H. A. Henry (Composer)3
[For the beauty of the earth] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[Forward be our watchword] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)133221 65567 17443
[Gently weary one, and sweetly]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Growing up for Jesus]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Have you seen the sunbeams shining] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)135251 57576 54325
[His lamp am I, so I must shine]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Ho, sailors on the Christian's sea]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[I am but a little worker]H. A. Henry (Composer)251354 32462 11243
[I am pleading, blessed Jesus]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[I am walking today]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[I now can sing redemption's song]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[I sing because I love Him]H. A. Henry (Composer)112334 32114 61513
[I would be a messenger of Christ, my King]H. A. Henry (Composer)255565 43451 33426
[I'll walk in the pathway that Jesus hath trod]H. A. Henry (Composer)155456 54335 11765
[I'm dwelling now upon the heights]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[In the lands of darkness, far across the sea]H. A. Henry (Composer)133345 16176 53334
[Into the places so dark and so lonely]H. A. Henry (Composer)154565 43513 21712
[It costs us but a breath to say "Hello!"]H. A. Henry (Composer)153332 34551 51764
["It is only a child," they mournfully say]H. A. Henry (Composer)133323 43323 55543
[It was only a little word] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[I've a message from the King] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)156653 33566 54445
[Jesus died to save us]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[Jesus loves the little children] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)135563 33212 22343
[Kept for Thy use, dear Lord, I would be]H. A. Henry (Composer)151233 32125 71232
[Little feet may find the pathway] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)334325 32112 17671
[Lord, while for all mankind we pray] (Henry)H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Loving Savior, lead Thou me]H. A. Henry (Composer)1837213 65765 7243
[Many the hearts who of error are weary]H. A. Henry (Composer)156717 12123 21671
[More and more my heart is longing]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[More laborers for the harvest]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Nearer, my God, to Thee!]H. A. Henry (Composer)131243 33251 17141
[Nearer to Thee, my Savior]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[Never give up, though the path be dreary]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[No shadows yonder!]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Not my own, but unto Jesus]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Now let us sing the angels' song] (Gabriel)H. A. H. (Composer)117676 56351 23217
[Now let us sing the Angel's song] (51765)H. A. Henry (Arranger)251765 63451 76712
[O my God, how Thy salvation]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[O seek for the Savior, and find Him today]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[O sing as you go, ‘tis better, you know]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[O the dearest of all flags on land or on sea]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[One look at the cross and the crucified One]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[One sweetly solemn thought] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)155556 71235 43215
[Our father's God, to thee we sing]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Praise the Lord! ye heav'ns adore Him] (Gabriel0H. A. Henry (Composer)156551 21232 16153
[Rock of ages cleft for me] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)133441 23342 43213
[Safe with Thee, O tender Shepherd]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Scatter bright smiles all around you] (Gabriel)H. A. Henry (Composer)154334 56535 43234
[Since my soul is redeemed, since I walk in the light]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Some place is waiting for each of us here]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[Stand by your colors, never falter, never fail]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
NOVA SCOTIAH. A. Henry (Composer)151231 34465 17122
[The call of the Christ rings out today]H. A. Henry (Composer)435555 51653 21253
[The golden light is streaming from smiling skies of blue]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[The Lord watch between me and thee] (Gabriel 33443)H. A. Henry (Composer)233443 12335 66534
[The reaper may call for you tonight]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[The world's great need is Jesus]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[There is One whose love unmeasured]H. A. Henry (Composer)3
[There'll be singing and rejoicing in the land beyond the sight]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[There's a land far away in the Somewhere of time]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[There’s a sound of warfare over the whole wide world]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[There's some one whose life we can brighten]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
['Tis Jesus saves me! now I know]H. A. H. (Composer)1
['Tis love, 'tis love the world so needs]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
["To be with Christ!" O dream of all the dearest]H. A. Henry (Composer)155134 32671 76513
[We are dwelling at the fountain where we ever would abide]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[We are happy little children]H. A. Henry (Composer)235243 51324 72165
[We are Jesus' little ones!]H. A. Henry (Composer)433221 15611 72243
[We meet in loving sympathy]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[We're happy all the time, for Jesus is our King]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[When I do a kindness to someone]H. A. Henry (Composer)1
[When skies are blue above our head]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[When the day is stormy]H. A. Henry (Composer)2
[While you onward fare, in the narrow way]H. A. H. (Composer)3
[Work for Jesus, little ones]H. A. Henry (Composer)356165 67712 43561
[You will want to spend eternity with Jesus]H. A. Henry (Composer)4
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