Charles F. Gounod

Charles F. Gounod
Short Name: Charles F. Gounod
Full Name: Gounod, Charles, 1818-1893
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1893

Charles F. Gounod (b. Paris, France, 1818; d. St. Cloud, France, 1893) was taught initially by his pianist mother. Later he studied at the Paris Conservatory, won the "Grand Prix de Rome" in 1839, and continued his musical training in Vienna, Berlin, and Leipzig. Though probably most famous for his opera Faust (1859) and other instrumental music (including his Meditation sur le Prelude de Bach, to which someone added the Ave Maria text for soprano solo), Gounod also composed church music-four Masses, three Requiems, and a Magnificat. His smaller works for church use were published as Chants Sacres. When he lived in England (1870-1875), Gounod became familiar with British cathedral music and served as conductor of what later became the Royal Choral Society.

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Wikipedia Biography

Charles-François Gounod (/ɡuːˈnoʊ/; French: [ʃaʁl fʁɑ̃swa ɡuno]; 17 June 1818 – 18 October 1893), usually known as Charles Gounod, was a French composer. He wrote twelve operas, of which the most popular has always been Faust (1859); his Roméo et Juliette (1867) also remains in the international repertory. He composed a large amount of church music, many songs, and popular short pieces including his Ave Maria (an elaboration of a Bach piece), and Funeral March of a Marionette.

Tunes by Charles F. Gounod (36)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Be not afraid, trust in thy Savior]Gounod (Composer)455566 66555 51161
[Chant] (Gounod 55356)Gounod (Composer)255356 53577 57771
CRADLED ALL LOWLYCharles F. Gounod (Arranger)912311 56654 3
[Das Jahr ist nun zu Ende] (Gounod)Ch. Gounod (Composer)235643 21517 7565
EVENING HYMN (Gounod)C. F. Gounod, 1813-93 (Composer)532143 32556 71654
[Father in heaven, humbly to Thee we pray]Charles Francois Gounod, (1818-1893) (Composer)255555 55555 56666
[Forward, and follow the Lord our King!]Charles Gounod (Composer)315123 12253 16716
[From Egypt's bondage come]Ch. Gounod (Composer)212343 23345 65455
[Glory be to God on high!] (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Arranged from)551313 52316 5
[Glory be to thee, O Lord] (Gounod)C. Gounod (Composer)656117 21
[Praise ye the Father, let every heart give thanks to him] (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)3455514 44321 54333
[Hail to the great Creator]Gounod (Composer (Chorus))2
[Hosanna in the highest] (Gounod)Charles F Gounod, 1818-1893 (Composer)212432 21
HOSMER (Gounod)Gounod (Composer)411275 33231 35544
[I cannot shine like the sun, so bright]Gounod (Composer)356715 57666 71266
JERUSALEM (Gounod)F. Gounod (Composer)2
[Lord, have mercy upon us] (Gounod)C. Gounod (Composer)356111 72355 66117
LUX FIATCharles F. Gounod, 1818-1893 (Composer)2633353 43122 15453
LUX PRIMA (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)12711132 17153 33543
MESSIAS (Gounod)Ch. Gounod (Composer)333331 22334 33321
OLNEY (Gounod)Charles Gounod (Composer)555563 54447 65435
[Part in peace! is day before us?]Gounod (Composer)353211 65443 56713
REDEMPTION (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)1833342 17215 55643
RESIGNATION (Gounod)Charles Gounod (Composer)255563 44524 33326
[Send out thy light and thy truth]Charles F. Gounod, 1818-1893 (Composer)2
[The King of love my Shepherd is] (Gounod)Gounod (Composer)233451 32213 25545
THE RADIANT MORN (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)2932345 43215 45676
[Though poor be the chamber]Chas. Gounod (Composer)1113212 11567 65117
THREEFOLD AMEN (Gounod)Gounod (Composer)112346 51317 13432
TRIUMPH (Gounod)C. Gounod (Composer)417611 7671
TWILIGHT (Gounod)Gounod (Composer)417123 21543 2343
[Unfold, unfold, unfold]Gounod (Composer)251133 51171 21757
VENI EMMANUEL (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)1635431 32157 65353
[Virgin-born! we bow before Thee!]C. Gounod (Composer)2
[We sing His love, Who once was slain]C. Gounod (Composer)251353 32125 31621
[Welcome, day of blessing]Gounod (1818-1893) (Composer)1315123 13455 65535

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