Grace Glenn

Short Name: Grace Glenn
Full Name: Glenn, Grace (See also Bateman, L. M. Beal, Mrs.)

Pseudonym. See also a href="">Bateman, L. M. Beal, Mrs. (Lucinda M.), b. 1843

Texts by Grace Glenn (77)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you lifting up the fallenGrace Glenn (Author)English2
Are you living close to Jesus, Are you daily doing good?Grace Glenn (Author)English2
Athirst upon earth's weary wildernessGrace Glenn (Author)1
Be glad while you mayGrace Glenn (Author)1
Blessed Savior, wilt thou sendGrace Glenn (Author)1
Come shine or come shadowGlenn (Author)2
Come, while the grass in the pathGrace Glenn (Author)2
Cristo, yo te seguiréEngracia Glenn (Author)Spanish2
Dear Savior, let Thy childrenGrace Glenn (Author)2
Down in old JudeaGrace Glenn (Author)1
Draw me near to the SaviorGrace Glenn (Author)1
Fiercely the cold winds are howlingGrace Glenn (Author)2
From the land of toil and dutyGrace Glenn (Author)2
From the wide, wide earthGrace Glenn (Author)1
From the world of want and sinGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Gather the fragmentsGrace Glenn (Author)1
Go forth, the world is wideGrace Glenn (Author)1
Grant me a nearer viewGrace Glenn (Author)2
Home from work the laborers Grace Glenn (Author)2
I heard a robin one morningGrace Glenn (Author)1
I know what I'll do for JesusGrace Glenn (Author)English1
I think that the flowers in heavenGrace Glenn (Author)1
If I were a beautiful twinkling starGrace Glenn (Author)5
In the cross of Christ I glory, Only in the cross!Grace Glenn (Author)English1
In the west the sun is sinkingGrace Glenn (Author)1
It will not be long at the longestGrace Glenn (Author)3
I've a beautiful home in a garden fairGrace Glenn (Author)2
Jesus came to guide thee trueGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Jesus, I will follow Thee, for I hear Thee calling meGrace Glenn (Author)English8
Jesus is the children's KingGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Jesus loved children no matter how smallGrace Glenn (Author)1
Jesus, we would trust in theeGrace Glenn (Author)1
Lead me, O my heavenly Father, Lead me evermore I prayGrace Glenn (Author)4
Let us praise the Lord in songGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Let us sing as the birdies singGrace Glenn (Author)1
Life is like a sunlit streamGrace Glenn (Author)1
Little stars that twinkle in the heaven's blueGrace Glenn (Author)English15
Lo! I bow before Thee, LordGrace Glenn (Author)English3
Lone in the garden they laid HimGrace Glenn (Author)English2
Make each other happy, childrenGrace Glenn (Author)3
Mercy in Jesus, my brotherGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Mid the tempest and storm, mid the wave and the galeGrace Glenn (Author)English1
My ways are all so simple, LordGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Not without hope for the faith lighted visionGrace Glenn (Author)2
O why should we fear though the stormsGrace Glenn (Author)2
O wonderful GethsemaneGrace Glenn (Author)2
O, a song we'll sing of the olden timeGrace Glenn (Author)2
O take us up close to thy heartGrace Glenn (Author)1
One by one the days are going byGrace Glenn (Author)English1
One by one, the shadows gatherGrace Glenn (Author)1
Only the fragments, LordGrace Glenn (Author)1
Rally round the Bible, Children, let us singGrace Glenn (Author)1
Rejoice and be ye gladGrace Glenn (Author)2
Savior, grant me rest and peaceGlenn (Author)17
Sing aloud the joyful storyGrace Glenn (Author)1
Sing Hallelujah, for the Lord is loveGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Sing, O sing again, Wake a joyful strainGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Sing, O sing the song againGrace Glenn (Author)1
Step by step, and day by day, March we on our forward wayGrace Glenn (Author)English4
Take my hand, my heavenly FatherGrace Glenn (Author)1
The saddest words that mortals speakGrace Glenn (Author)English1
There's a land where we are goingGrace Glenn (Author)1
There's a song the angels knowGrace Glenn (Author)1
There's one thing up in heavenGrace Glenn (Author)2
Tis not a far journey from us to our LordGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Trust your life with JesusGrace Glenn (Author)English2
Under the storm burdened skyGrace Glenn (Author)2
Unto the Rock that is higher than IGrace Glenn (Author)2
We are waiting by the river, Strong and weak and young and oldGrace Glenn (Author)English4
We haste to thy temple, O FatherGrace Glenn (Author)4
We may all be standard bearersGrace Glenn (Author)English3
Weak and humble, Lord, am IGrace Glenn (Author)English1
We're the victors now foreverGrace Glenn (Author)3
When as of old in her sadnessGrace Glenn (Author)English13
When the morning awakes and the sunlightGrace Glenn (Author)English1
Work when the morning shineth, work when the noonday gleamsGrace Glenn (Author)English14
Ye are the temple of the SpiritGrace Glenn (Author)English1
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