N. L. Frothingham

N. L. Frothingham
Short Name: N. L. Frothingham
Full Name: Frothingham, N. L. (Nathaniel Langdon), 1793-1870
Birth Year: 1793
Death Year: 1870

Frothingham, Nathaniel Langdon, D.D., born at Boston July 23rd, 1793, and graduated at Harvard 1811, where he was also sometime Tutor. From 1815 to 1850 he was Pastor of the First Church (Unitarian), Boston, and subsequently attended as a worshipper the church where he had been 35 years minister till his sight and strength failed him. He died April 4th, 1870.

His Metrical Pieces, in 2 volumes, were published in 1855 and 1870.
1. O God, Whose presence glows in all. Ordination. This was written in 1828 for the ordination of W. B. Lunt, New York.
2. We meditate the day . Installation. Written in 1835 for Mr. Lunt's installation at Quincy, Mass., as Co-pastor with Peter Whitney.
3. O Lord of life and truth and grace . Ordination. Also a special hymn. It was composed for the ordination of H. W. Bellowes, New York, 1839. It is found in common with Nos. 1 and 2 in Frothingham's Metrical Pieces, 1855. These Metrical Pieces are unknown to the English Collections. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Frothingham, N. L. , p. 400, ii. Other hymns are:—
1. O Saviour, Whose immortal word. Opening of a Place of Worship. Written "For the Dedication of the Church of the Saviour, Boston, November 16, 1847."
2. Remember Me, the Saviour said. Holy Communion.
3. They passed away from sight. Death and Burial.
4. When I am weak, I'm strong. Spiritual Strength. Nos. l, 2, and 4 are from his Metrical Pieces, Translated and Original, 1855,

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham (23 July 1793 – 3 April 1870) was an American Unitarian minister and pastor of the First Church of Boston from 1815 to 1850. Frothingham was opposed to Theodore Parker and the interjection of transcendentalism into the church. He also wrote sermons, hymns, and poetry.

Texts by N. L. Frothingham (25)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A wail from beyond the desertNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)3
Cast thy bread upon the waters Food for penury's sons and daughtersN. L. Frothingham (Author)2
Farewell, ye walls, though in your sacred squareNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)2
O Father, whose immortal wordN. L. Frothingham (Author)3
O God, to thine all seeing kenN. L. Frothingham (Author)2
O God, whose presence glows in allNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)English84
O Lord of life, and truth, and graceFrothingham (Author)20
O Lord, whose presence glows in allNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)3
O Savior, whose immortal wordN. L. Frothingham (Author)3
O thou, whose presence glows in allFrothingham (Author)2
One Father, God, we ownNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)3
Our Christ hath reached his heavenly seatFrothingham (Author)7
Our Lord hath reached his heavenly seatN. L. Frothingham (Author)1
Remember me, the Savior [Master] saidN. L. Frothingham (Author)English23
The journey is too great for theeNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)2
The Lord gave the word, 'twas the word of His truthN. L. Frothingham (Author)English1
The Son of God gave thanksN. L. Frothingham (Author)9
There are they who have left their sweet homeN. L. Frothingham (Author)2
They passed away from sight and handNathaniel L. Frothingham (Author)5
Thine, Lord, these heavens on highNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)5
Up, up, my heart, with gladnessNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)English2
Up, ye Christians, join in singingN. L. Frothingham (Translator)2
We meditate the dayFrothingham (Author)10
Whate'er God wills, let that be doneNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)5
When I am weak, I'm strongNathaniel Langdon Frothingham (Author)6

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