Stephen Collins Foster

Stephen Collins Foster
Short Name: Stephen Collins Foster
Full Name: Foster, Stephen Collins, 1826-1864
Birth Year: 1826
Death Year: 1864 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Stephen Collins Foster (19)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All around is bright and fair, While we work for the LordStephen C. Foster (Author)2
Blame not those who weep and sighStephen C. Foster (Author)3
Father of love, Father aboveStephen C. Foster (Author)5
Gone are the days when my heart was young and gayS. C. F. (Author)English5
Gone from my heart the world and all its charmsS. C. F. (Author)English3
I came to Alabama wid My banjo on my kneeS. C. F. (Author)2
Leave me with my motherS. C. Foster (Author)3
Let all tongues of every nationStephen C. Foster (Author)3
Let us pause in life's pleasuresStephen Foster (Author)English3
Little Ella's an angel in the skiesStephen C. Foster (Author)3
Little Willie's gone to heavenStephen C. Foster (Author)3
O comrades, fill no glass for meStephen C. Foster (Author)5
Round de meadows am aringing de darky's mournful songStephen C. Foster (Author)English5
The Sun shines bright in the old Kentucky homeStephen C. Foster (Author)English5
Way down upon the Swanee riverS. C. F. (Author)English10
We'll all meet our SaviorStephen C. Foster (Author)3
What did our Lord and Savior sayStephen C. Foster (Author)6
When my mother's hands are o'er me spreadStephen C. Foster (Author)4
Who has our Redeemer heardStephen C. Foster (Author)4
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