John O. Foster

Short Name: John O. Foster
Full Name: Foster, John O.

19th Century

Currently, our only data on Foster is that he was a minister.

Texts by John O. Foster (79)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A wave is rolling over the landRev. John O. Foster, A. M. (Author)English3
All the nations are ready and waitingRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)English6
Along the rugged paths I treadJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Asking, in Jesus, that wonderful nameJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Be not deceived by the offers of sinJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Beautiful season, so fresh and so fairJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Bethesda of mercy, thou fountain for sinJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
Blow the trumpet, faithful watchmanJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
BrĂ¼der auf! in die Ernte des HerrnJohn O. Foster (Author)German3
Breathe thy blessing heavenly FatherJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
By confessing we are sinnersJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
Come to the blessed RedeemerJohn O. Foster (Author)English3
Come unto me, the dear Savior has saidRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)English3
Come, when the morn is breakingJohn O. Foster (Author)3
Come while the Savior invites youJohn O. Foster (Author)English3
Come, ye happy children, sing the Savior's praisesJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Fear not, thou childJohn O. Foster (Author)2
From the harvest field there's a blessed yieldJohn O. Foster (Author)English10
Hail to the coming unknown chiefJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Help me, Jesus, day by dayRev. John O. Foster (Author)English3
How much do you oweJohn O. Foster (Author)2
I am thine, O Lord, from this moment thineRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)2
I am working on the palaceJohn O. Foster (Author)2
I came to the fountain where purity flowsJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
I read by the dawn of the morningRev. John O. Foster, A. M. (Author)English3
I will love Thee, O my Savior, Glorious peace in Thee I findRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)English2
I'll go, for the Master is callingJohn O. Foster (Author)English4
I'll sing of the story, how Jesus from gloryJohn O. Foster (Author)English11
In the darkness, as I trodJohn O. Foster (Author)4
In the life book of loveRev. John O. Foster (Author)English2
In the study of the wordJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
Into the fountain of cleansing we goRev. John O. Foster (Author)English4
Jesus has wonderful riches of graceRev. John O. Foster (Author)English2
Jesus, I pray, guide me todayJohn O. Foster (Author)English1
Jesus, keep me every dayRev. J. O. Foster (Author)English7
Jesus looks down from his throne in the skyJohn O. Foster (Author)English4
Jesus, my Lord, to thee Gladly I fleeJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Keep me, Savior, day by dayJohn O. Foster (Author)English8
Let all the world with one accordJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Let the day when the call of the MasterJohn O. Foster (Author)6
Let the harps of Zion ringJohn O. Foster (Author)English4
Lift up your eyes on the fields all whiteRev. J. O. Foster, A.M. (Author)English4
Little feet were made to walk, Blessed Lord, for TheeJohn O. Foster (Author)English7
My heart has been sighing, O Jesus, for TheeRev. John O. Foster, D. D. (Author)English4
O come, Holy Spirit, and help us to singRev. Jno. O. Foster, A. M. (Author)2
O Jesus, in thy wondrous nameJohn O. Foster (Author)2
O my Savior, Thou hast washed meJohn O. Foster (Author)English6
O ye who are reaping in life's golden grainJohn O. Foster (Author)3
Once the blessed, loving JesusRev. John O. Foster (Author)English3
Onward the children are marchingJohn O. Foster (Author)English4
Remember the SabbathJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Savior, make me pure withinRev. John O. Foster (Author)English5
Sing on the way to ZionRev. Jno. O. Foster (Author)English3
Sing to the Lord in sweetest laysRev. Jno. O. Foster, A. M. (Author)English3
Star of mornJohn O. Foster (Author)2
Suffer little children, so the Master saidRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)4
Sweet was the morn when the angels of gloryRev. John O. Foster (Author)3
Tell to the nations the tidings of oldRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)English3
The blood of the Savior for sinners was shedJohn O. Foster (Author)English3
The day of Christ is coming onJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
The Lord is my banner and the Lord is my KingRev. John O. Foster (Author)English4
The Lord is our King, let us rejoice in himJohn O. Foster (Author)2
The voice divine is callingJohn O. Foster (Author)2
The world is growing better, No matter what they sayRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)English3
There's a little bird's nestJohn O. Foster (Author)2
'Tis wonderful love that my Savior bestowsRev. J. O. Foster, A. M. (Author)English2
Wake, little children, awakeJohn O. Foster (Author)3
We are gaining in the conflictJohn O. Foster (Author)English3
We are going, we are going, Far beyond the setting sunJohn O. Foster (Author)English5
We are little, weak, and poorJohn O. Foster (Author)2
We love the budding days of SpringJohn O. Foster (Author)English3
We must work in the vineyard belowRev. John O. Foster, A.M. (Author)English2
We sing along the wayJohn O. Foster (Author)2
We soon shall see the unseen landJohn O. Foster (Author)4
Welcome, Easter morning, With thy bright dispalyJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
Whatsoever things were spokenJohn O. Foster (Author)English2
When weary and fainting (Foster)John O. Foster (Author)2
Which road are you going, my brother?John O. Foster (Author)English2
You need not wait any longerRev. John O. Foster, A. M. (Author)English2
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