S. V. R. Ford

Short Name: S. V. R. Ford
Full Name: Ford, S. V. R. (Stephen Van Rensselaer), 1835-1910
Birth Year: 1835
Death Year: 1910

Born: 1835, Greenville, New York.
Died: June 5, 1910, New York City.

Son of Cyrus Earle and Amanda Hedden Ford, Stephen wrote several battle hymns during the American civil war which were sung by Union soldiers. He was a partner in a shirt and collar making company, Ide & Ford, in Troy, New York (1865-72). In his later years, he was known as an author, editor, composer and critic. He was living in Schenectady, New York, in 1908. His works include:

Sunday-School Teaching (Hitchcock & Walden, 1868)
Melodies for Little People (New York: Hunt and Eaton, 1891)
The King’s Birthday: A Carol Service for Christmas (New York: Hunt and Eaton, 1893)
The Stone Rolled Away: An Easter Missionary Service (Curts & Jennings, 1897)
Recitations, Song and Story for Sunday and Day Schools, Primary and Intermediate Departments (Eaton & Mains, 1900)
The Junior League Songster
Bible Wonders and Aids to Bible Study (New York: Bible Wonders Company)
Methodist Year Book, 1902 (editor)


Texts by S. V. R. Ford (68)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
And now we leaveS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Are we going to JesusS. V. R. Ford (Author)1
Beyond this vale of sorrow, Beyond the silver riverS. V. R. Ford (Author)English2
Christ is born, Christ is born, clap your handsS. V. R. F. (Author)3
Christ, the Lord is bornS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Come, join our army, O fall into lineS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Day of rejoicingS. V. R. F. (Author)4
Dear Lord, may we heed and obeyS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Do you think that holy angelsS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Far and near the bellsS. V. R. F. (Author)5
Fear not, O troubled soul, nor yieldS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Gladly we hail this festal dayS. V. R. F. (Author)3
Glory to the Father, Glory to the SonS. V. R. Ford (Author)English4
Guide me, blessed SaviorS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
Hail, holy morn, whose early rayS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Hail, holy night, illumed afarS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Happy are we as we gather todayS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Hear thou my prayer in heavenS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Hear us as we pray, O Lord, for a blessingS. V. R. F. (Author)4
Hebt mich höher, hebt mich höher aus der Sünde dunkler Nacht!S. V. R. Ford (Author)German1
Home at last in the dear FatherlandS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Hosanna in the highest, The little children sangS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Hosanna to Jesus We joyfully singS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
How I wish that we couldS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
I am but a little child, Weak and easily defiledS. V. R. F. (Author)2
I am young, but I can doS. V. R. Ford (Author)4
I love the flowersS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
I seek for a cityS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
I wonder if children in gloryS. V. R. Ford (Author)4
If the world no joyS. V. R. F. (Author)2
I'm glad that Jesus cameS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
I'm happy all the dayS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
Is thy soul with sinS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Jesus bids us followS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Jesus is tenderly caringS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Jesus, loving Savior, hear meS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Jesus my Savior is, Jesus is mineS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
Jesus, O blessed nameS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Jesus, tells me in the BibleS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Joy and gladness I haveS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
Kind Shepherd of the sheepS. V. R. F. (Author)3
Lift me higher, lift me higher from the scenes of pain and nightS. V. R. Ford (Author)English13
Little birds their maker praiseS. V. R. Ford (Author)11
Little hearts to worship Jesus Christ our LordS. V. R. F. (Author)English6
Little ones are weS. V. R. Ford (Author)4
Little ones Hosannas singS. V. R. F. (Author)3
Little ones the Savior soughtS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
My heart o'erflowsS. V. R. F. (Author)3
O the boundless loveS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
On this glad jubileeS. V. R. Ford (Author)4
One of the little onesS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
Rejoice and be glad, ye childrenS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Soldiers of Christ, a holy cause defendingS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
Soldiers of the cross (Ford)S. V. R. Ford (Author)2
The lambs of Jesus' foldS. V. R. F. (Author)2
The Master is come, lo!S. V. R. F. (Author)2
The Savior is calling O sinner for theeS. V. R. Ford (Author)1
The water of life a clear crystal riverS. V. R. Ford (Author)4
There is joy in BethlehemS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
There is work for allS. V. R. F. (Author)4
Tinkling, tinklingS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Toiling in vainS. V. R. F. (Author)2
Wait on the Lord, O give thanks unto His nameS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
We are little soldiers Fighting for the LordS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
We are soldiers in the army of JehovahS. V. R. Ford (Author)2
We are soldiers of the cross, marching on to Zion's gatesS. V. R. Ford (Author)3
When Jesus was born, the angels drew nearS. V. R. F. (Author)English2
When the tempest fierceS. V. R. F. (Author)2
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