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Fred A. Fillmore
Short Name: Fred A. Fillmore
Full Name: Fillmore, Fred A. (Frederick Augustus), 1856-1925
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1925

Born: May 15, 1856, Par­is, Ill­i­nois.
Died: No­vem­ber 15, 1925, Ter­race Park, Ohio.
Buried: Mil­ford, Ohio.

Frederick Augustus Fillmore, who was born on May 15, 1856, in Paris, IL, one of seven children, five sons and two daughters, born to Augustus Damon and Hannah Lockwood Fillmore. His father was a preacher in the Christian Church, as well as a composer,
songbook compiler, and hymn publisher who developed his own system of musical notation using numbers on the staff in place of note heads. Augustus eventually settled in Cincinnati, OH, and established a music publishing business there. Until 1906, there was no official distinction between "Christian Churches" and "Churches of Christ." The names were used pretty much interchangeably, and many older churches of Christ which are faithful today were once known as "Christian Churches."

Fred and his older brother James took over their father's publishing business following the death of Augustus in 1870 and established the Fillmore Brothers Music House. This became a successful Cincinnati music form, publishing church hymnals and later band and orchestral music. For many years the firm issued a monthly periodical, The Music Messenger. The brothers edited many hymnbooks and produced many songs which became popular. Beginning with the songbook Songs of Glory in 1874, there appeared many Fillmore publications which became widely used through churches, especially in the midwest. For these collections, Fred provided a great deal of hymn tunes.

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[A little talk with Jesus, how it smooths the road] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)256717 13322 12571
[A present help my God will be]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[Abide with us, Thou Savior dear]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)256534 32123 43653
ACROSS THE RIVERFred. A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[Are you building on the Rock] (F. A. Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)235133 21356 54321
[Are you filling the world with rejoicing and cheer]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)212333 43211 71176
[Are you serving Christ the Lord?]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)232151 76712 17655
[Are you sowing the seed of the kingdom, brother] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)1912333 21356 17653
[Are you sowing the seed over soil rich and fertile]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Are you with burdens and sorrows oppressed?]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Blessèd Bible! precious treasure]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)334513 66543 26543
[Bless the Lord, O soul within me]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)453155 64665 55557
[Break forth into joy, sing together]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)251111 55655 77771
[Can I do aught for Jesus]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Christ, our friend, O what a wonder]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)234532 12165 41714
COME, O COME TO MEFred. A. Fillmore (Composer)4
[Consecrated lives He's asking]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)355456 55353 42355
[Daily you’re building, but on what foundation]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Dear little lambs that are straying outside]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255555 55671 31712
[Far above earth's lowering shadows]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)351351 32671 23443
[Father, in need I come to thee]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)751232 17125 23434
[Filled with the Spirit sent from the Father]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[Not all the treasures of the earth]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)453235 43252 12432
[Glory to Jesus, His word is true]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Go and work for Jesus, there is much, much to do]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)212333 32114 61765
[Go early to thy labor field]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)253215 43211 56436
[God bless our native land] (Fillmore)F. A. F. (Composer)2
[Hark! I hear a loving voice]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)234514 32234 66534
[He knows the bitter, weary way] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255321 71617 65554
[Hearken, hearken, every nation]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)235113 11757 22321
[Holy One, Jesus our Savior]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)234451 61721 76543
[How beautiful Thy work, O God]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)256553 43312 21235
[How beautiful upon the mountains] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255434 51311 25553
[How sweet the name of Jesus sounds] (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)253331 21765 51123
[I am dreaming now of heaven]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I am keeping close to Jesus]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I am satisfied in Jesus] (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I am so glad that salvation is free]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)555565 45123 33212
[I am worn and weak and weary, I would rest]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I do not know just what will be]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I have wandered far away] (Fillmore)Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)334322 12232 11711
[I know not the pathway before me]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I know that my Redeemer lives] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[I love Thee, I love Thee, O Savior divine]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255556 54512 33432
[I rest upon God's promises]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[I want my heart made purer, Lord]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)455332 21176 44655
[I was glad, and my heart did rejoice at the sound] (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I will early seek the Savior]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)953213 66554 32671
[I will sing of the mercies of the Lord] (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)312333 32345 43222
[I'm a pilgrim going home]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)212332 31235 15533
[In spite of gloom and darkness]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)235545 65356 71746
[In the desert of sorrow and sin]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)613556 65351 71776
[In the great voyage of life, let our course be each day]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)234555 56717 67655
[In the secret place with Jesus] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[In the shadow of Thy wings] (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)232343 12165 34565
[Jerusalem, my happy home] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)213332 12345 65343
[Jesus, full of truth and grace] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)234545 11772 46543
[Jesus, I am coming now]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)656513 21171 66556
[Jesus, my Savior, to Bethlehem came] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)233333 34434 44444
[Jesus, my Savior dear] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)353465 55234 53534
[Jesus stood on the shore]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Jesus tells the welcome story]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Jesus, wash and cleanse, refine]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Joy, joy, 'tis our Bible]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)355456 53543 24432
[Listen to the Savior knocking, knocking]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)213555 56116 55654
[Little hands, little hands]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255566 67767 12355
["Living water!" O how sweet]Fred M. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Looking up to Jesus, humble, contrite soul]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)251123 32117 12223
[Lord, I believe Thy word is true]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)211231 42171 33453
[Mid the tempest and storm, mid the wave and the gale]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255535 11761 65555
[My feet were in the miry clay]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)313333 34325 22222
[My peace is like a river]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)334556 54515 34254
[Nearer to Thee, precious Savior]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)232343 26715 11111
[No matter how hard goes the battle of life]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)4
[Not by peace alone, the gentle Savior said]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255456 55443 42344
[O book of books, O precious word]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)355453 23156 54325
[O praise the Lord, Praise Him, all ye nations]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255317 12345 43531
[O scatter seeds of loving deeds]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)4955671 23162 17671
[O silvery sea of Galilee]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)551235 65312 21235
[O sing unto the Lord, unto the Lord a new song]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)251111 13215 67125
[O what shall I do for the Savior]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)4
[O, I am so glad that salvation is free] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)355556 54512 33212
[O the music over yonder]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)354352 31321 61165
[O to be something, something]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)355567 15434 65435
[One sweetly solemn thought] (Fillmore, Fred)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Onward and upward, O praise the Lord]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)232117 65122 33332
[Praise the Lord; ye heavens, adore him] (Fillmore)F. A. F. (Composer)213534 56715 35654
[Precious is the promise given]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Prepare ye the way of the Lord] (Fillmore)F. A. F. (Composer)213212 17234 54565
[Rejoice and be glad, all ye faithful]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)351111 76533 23465
[Return, O wanderer, to thy home] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)251334 33211 35554
[Rock of Ages, cleft for me] (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)211117 12122 22343
[Saints of God! the day is speeding!]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255543 45651 25253
[Savior, in my heart abide]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)256531 65571 25512
[Send the blessed gospel to the sons of men]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Sing, all ye people, come with songs of gladness]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Singing on through storm and shine]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)233311 23432 22132
[Stay near to me, Thou blessed thorn crowned one]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)333215 43217 76712
[Sunday morning, happy day]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Swell the anthem, raise the song] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)235353 43225 25232
[Teach me thy way, dear Savior]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)313153 32342 17113
[Tell it not with heedless scorning]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)454334 56643 22543
[Tell the story, children!]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)233321 11176 55555
[Tell the sweet story of Christ and His love]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255517 65345 11166
[Thank God for the fountains, the life-giving rills]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[The giant liquor traffic has this nation by the throat]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I fear]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255453 15646 53464
[The Lord taketh pleasure in His people]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[The Messiah of the nations He shall come]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[The Savior now is calling you]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[The wise men of old saw a beautiful star]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)313334 33212 15667
[There is a Friend who came to earth]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)334555 56153 31227
[There is a narrow path that leads]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[There is a way, a narrow way] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)212333 34444 55533
[There is joy in heaven among the angels]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)513555 56715 55666
[They're telling a story so wondrous to me]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[This book is all that's left me now] (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)2
THOMAS (Fillmore)Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[Through an enemy's country we journey]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)2
[’Tis merry, merry Christmas time] (Fillmore)Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)251555 76662 67117
[To all nations far and near]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)255171 23123 23455
[Today, tomorrow, evermore]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)355545 65133 32343
[Up Zion's hill the path is steep]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)254352 32111 66456
[Wait on the Lord]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)332315 61554 53123
[Walking in the light] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)233321 11176 55556
[Wanderer from Jesus, weary, sad and lone] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255553 16176 55555
[Watching and waiting they stand at thy portals]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)233344 32123 56665
[We are little soldiers] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)254345 11231 16543
[We are sailing on the ship of Zion]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)234533 32161 76517
[We come with songs of gladness] (Fillmore)Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255112 34332 22343
[We thank Thee, Lord, for daily food]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255532 11765 55543
[We're on our way to glory land]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)454332 31112 22355
[We're under the banner of Jesus]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)251117 12155 22171
[We've enlisted to fight, for the truth and the right]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)256711 11171 22222
[What the Lord has done for me]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)4
[What though cares and trials meet us]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)255112 23133 43212
[When in the grave the Savior lay]Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)255443 32117 24565
[When on the deep, with billows running high]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)213333 34565 35565
[When the heart grows faint] (Fillmore)Frederick Augustus Fillmore (Composer)451333 13556 53154
[When the waiting time is over]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)534513 22134 56532
[When we follow earthly splendor]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)3
[When we've crossed the darksome river]Fred A. Fillmore (Composer)254333 33323 44444
[When we've reached the heavenly shore]F. A. F. (Arranger)255111 23212 11655
WHY NOT BE SAVED TONIGHT?Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)254565 51171 76523
[Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb Who upon the cross was slain]Fred. A. Fillmore (Composer)231721 65455 67123

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