Giles Farnaby

Short Name: Giles Farnaby
Full Name: Farnaby, Giles, 1563-1640
Birth Year (est.): 1563
Death Year: 1640

Born: Circa 1563, Truro, Cornwall.
Died: November 1640, London, England.
Buried: November 25, 1640.

Farnaby earned his BMus degree from Oxford in 1592. He is afterward recorded as living near Lincoln, and by 1611, had moved to London. He composed several dozen pieces for the keyboard, psalter, and canzonets.

Tunes by Giles Farnaby (3)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
HIGH DUTCH TUNE (55436)Giles Farnaby (Arranger)255436 54313 45566
OLD 132ND PSALMGiles Farnaby (c.1560-16?) (Harmonizer)111513 22114 31235
St. THOMAS (Farnaby)Farnaby (Composer)256517 65321 171
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