V. S. S. Coles

Short Name: V. S. S. Coles
Full Name: Coles, V. S. S. (Vincent Stucky Stratton), 1845-1929
Birth Year: 1845
Death Year: 1929

Coles, Vincent Stuckey Stratton, son of Rev. James Stratton Coles, born at Shepton Beauchamp, March 27, 1845, and educated at Balliol College, Oxford, graduating B.A. 1868, and M.A. 1872. On taking Holy Orders in 1869, he became Curato of Wantage. In 1872 he was preferred as Rector of Shepton-Beauchamp, Somerset, and in 1884 Librarian of the Pusey Library, Oxford. Mr. Coles has contributed the following hymns to Hymns Ancient & Modern, and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Church Hymns.
1. Lord, in whose eternal counsels. For guidance and growth in holiness. It was first printed as a leaflet, written for E. C. U. Festival, c. 1870; and then included, after revision, in S. P. C. K. Church Hymns, 1871.
2. Most Holy Father, bending low. Lent. No. 45 in the Bucharistic Hymnal, 1877.
3. 0 Lamb of God, whose love divine. Martyrs ( Virgins). Given in the Appendix to Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1868.
4. O Shepherd of the sheep. Martyrs (Bishop). Also given in the Appendix to Hymns Ancient & Modern 1868.
5. We pray Thee, heavenly Father. Preparation for Holy Communion. Originally written for a Communicants' class, it was included in S. P. C. K. Church Hymns, 1871, and in the revised Hymns Ancient & Modern 1875.
6. Lord, I cannot seek Thee. Spiritual Communion. Contributed to Lyra Eucharistica, 1863, and repeated in the Churchman's Altar Manual, 1882.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Coles, V. S. S., p. 242, ii. Recently additional hymns by Mr. Coles have come into common use, including:ā€”
1. Almighty Father, Lord most high. [Holy Communion.] Written for Hymns Ancient & Modern and given in the 1904 edition, No. 264, to be sung "At the Offertory." It is admirably suited for the purpose.
2. Father, Whose love we have wrong'd by transgression. This "Litany for Lent," in Hymns Ancient & Modern 1904, No. 633, is a cento from the author's Metrical Litany, published by Novello. The Pt. ii. in Hymns Ancient & Modern begins ā€œChrist with the twelve the last Passover keeping."
3. We pray Thee, heavenly Father, p. 242, ii., 5. This hymn, with the exception of stanza i., is entirely rewritten in The English Hymnal, 1906.
4. Ye who own the faith of Jesus. [B. V. M.] This appeared in The English Hymnal, 1906, for "St. Mary the Virgin.ā€

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Vincent Stuckey Stratton Coles (27 March 1845 ā€“ 9 June 1929) was an Anglican priest, who served as Principal of Pusey House, Oxford from 1897 to 1909.

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Almighty Father, Lord most highVincent Coles (Author)1
Father, whose love we have wronged with transgressionV. S. S. Coles (Author)English2
Lord, in whose eternal counselsVincent S. S. Coles (Author)1
O Lamb of God, whose love divineVincent S. S. Coles (Author)1
O Shepherd of the sheepVincent S. S. Coles (Author)English9
We pray thee, heavenly FatherVincent Stuckey Stratton Coles (1845-1929) (Author)English13
Ye who own the faith of JesusVincent Stucky Stratton Coles (Author (st. 1-3))English20

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