Abner P. Cobb

Abner P. Cobb
Short Name: Abner P. Cobb
Full Name: Cobb, Abner P., 1853-1923
Birth Year: 1853
Death Year: 1923

Born: October 27, 1853, Woos­ter, Ohio.
Died: Feb­ru­a­ry 11, 1923.
Buried: Fairlawn Cemetery, Decatur, Illinois.

Cobb’s fam­i­ly moved to De­ca­tur, Il­li­nois, when he was about 13 years old. As a young man, he worked as a ma­chin­ist. He grad­u­at­ed from Eu­re­ka Coll­ege, Eu­re­ka, Il­li­nois, in 1878, and pas­tored in Nor­mal, Wash­burn, Pe­ter­sburg and Spring­field, Il­li­nois; Des Moines, Io­wa; Cov­ing­ton, Ken­tucky; and San Antonio, Tex­as. He was al­so an ac­tive evan­gel­ist, at­tend­ing meet­ings in Bos­ton, New York Ci­ty, Min­ne­ap­o­lis, and other ma­jor ci­ties.


Texts by Abner P. Cobb (41)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little while, and the dark night of sorrowAbner P. Cobb (Author)English2
Abide with us, thou Savior dearAbner P. Cobb (Author)English3
Are you ready for your Lord, should He come?Abner P. Cobb (Author)English9
Auf der Freuden lichten AuenAbner P. Cobb (Author)German1
Be the morning dark or fairA. P. Cobb (Author)4
Day by day my path grows clearAbner P. Cobb (Author)6
Do you know the song that the angels sangA. P. Cobb (Author)English15
Einst kommt die Zeit, die schöne ZeitAbner P. Cobb (Author)German2
Go work in my vineyard, why longer delayAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
Hark! how the bells ring out todayA. P. Cobb (Author)2
Have you touched the garments of the holy oneAbner P. Cobb (Author)English12
Helmet on and sword in handA. P. Cobb (Author)English3
How it marches, the flag of ImmanuelAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
I have heard a most wonderful story Of a Shepherd, so faithful and boldRev. A. P. Cobb (Author)English1
If we walk in the light of our Savior and FriendAbner P. Cobb (Author)English5
I've found Christ a SaviorAbner P. Cobb (Author)English3
Lo, a Friend near thee nowA. P. Cobb (Author)English2
Lo the army of our kingA. P. Cobb (Author)English23
Long ago in old Judea, By the shores of GalileeAbner P. Cobb (Author)English1
O brothers, do your feet grow wearyA. P. Cobb (Author)6
O Zion, dear Zion, thou homeAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
Saints of God! the day is speedingAbner P. Cobb (Author)English2
Shall the servant doubtAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
Singing on through storm and shineAbner P. Cobb (Author)English2
Tell the story, childrenAbner P. Cobb (Author)English2
Ten virgins at evenAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
The night is dark, and frail my barqueAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
The Savior invites theeAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
There is a time, a happy timeAbner P. Cobb (Author)English7
There's a city I'm toldA. P. Cobb (Author)3
There's a feast of love in the courts aboveA. P. Cobb (Author)English3
Through the meadows green, invitingA. P. Cobb (Author)English32
'Twas a morning fairAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
We are soldiers in the army (Cobb)A. P. Cobb (Author)2
We shall be like him, the promise is sureAbner P. Cobb (Author)5
What radiant homes in realms of lightAbner P. Cobb (Author)English2
When the harvest is past and the summer is overA P. Cobb (Author)English2
Who is this from Edom comingAbner P. Cobb (Author)2
Whoso heareth and doeth these sayingsA. P. Cobb (Author)5
Why should we weep, for those who sleepAbner P. Cobb (Author)English2
With Jesus, my Savior, forever I'd beAbner P. Cobb (Author)3
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