Frank von Christierson

Short Name: Frank von Christierson
Full Name: von Christierson, Frank, 1900-1996
Birth Year: 1900
Death Year: 1996

Frank von Christierson (1900-1996) was born near Helsinki, Finland. He attended San Jose (California) High School, Stanford University (BA, Psychology, 1923), and San Francisco Theological Seminary (BD 1929). In 1983 he was awarded the citation of distinguished alumnus, and became a Fellow of The Hymn Society. He has served as youth director at First Presbyterian Church, San Luis Obispo, and pastor at Calvary Presbyterian Church, Citrus Heights, California. He has published a hymnal collection entitled Make a Joyful Noise (1987) and is represented in many hymnals. Three of his hymn texts have been included in the new Hope hymnal Worship & Rejoice (2001).

After serving for thirty-seven years as a minister of the United Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, North Hollywood and Sacramento, California, Rev. Frank con Christierson has retired to serve as "Interim minister" in the Central Area of the Synod of California. He has been moderator of San Francisco Presbytery and of Los Angeles Presbytery, and has just completed three years as chairman of radio and television for the Sacramento Area Council of Churches. Born in Finland, he was brought to America as a boy of four. He is a graduate of Stanford University and of San Francisco Theological Seminary. He has written five hymns published by the Hymn Society of America.

--Fifteen New Bible Hymns, 1966. Used by permission.

Texts by Frank von Christierson (20)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As men of old their first fruits broughtFrank von Christierson, b. 1900 (Author)English27
[Born of God! His Holy Spirit]Frank von Christierson (Author)English2
Break forth, O living light of GodFrank von Christierson, 1900- (Author)English10
Christ found a world dividedFrank Von Christierson (Author)2
Christ is risen, raise your voicesFrank von Christierson (Author)2
Christ, to thee all hearts be liftedFrank von Christierson (Author)English3
Eternal Spirit of the living ChristFrank von Christierson, 1900-1996 (Author)English14
Give men my word, so speaks the living GodChristierson Frank Von (Author)English4
Good news! Great joy to all the earthFrank von Christierson, 1900 - (Author)2
Hear our prayer, O God, our FatherFrank von Christierson (Author)2
I would follow JesusFrank von Christierson (Author)3
In these days so chaotic and threateningFrank von Christierson (Translator)English2
I've found a victory in ChristF. von Christierson (Author)3
Lord, bless our homes with peace and loveChristierson Frank Von (Author)4
Lord, let me share with othersFrank von Christierson (Author)2
Lord, we bring to you our childrenFrank von Christierson (Author)English7
O God, we see a world in needFrank von Christierson (Author)3
Spirit of God, man's hope in all the agesFrank von Christierson (Author)2
The day of Christ is dawningChristierson Frank Von (Author)3
United in the love of GodFrank von Christierson (Author)4
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