John Cennick

John Cennick
Short Name: John Cennick
Full Name: Cennick, John, 1718-1755
Birth Year (est.): 1718
Death Year: 1755

John Cennick was born at Reading, Berkshire, in the year 1717. He became acquainted with Wesley and Whitefield, and preached in the Methodist connection. On the separation of Wesley and Whitefield he joined the latter. In 1745, he attached himself to the Moravians, and made a tour in Germany to fully acquaint himself with the Moravian doctrines. He afterwards ministered in Dublin, and in the north of Ireland. He died in London, in 1755, and was buried in the Moravian Cemetery, Chelsea. He was the author of many hymns, some of which are to be found in every collection.

--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A. 1872.


Cennick, John, a prolific and successful hymnwriter, was descended from a family of Quakers, but brought up in the Church of England. He assisted J. Wesley and then G. Whitefield in their labours for a time, and then passed over to, and died as a minister of, the Moravian Church. Born at Reading, Dec. 12, 1718, he was for some time a land surveyor at Reading, but becoming acquainted with the Wesleys in 1739, he was appointed by J. Wesley as a teacher of a school for colliers' children at Kingswood in the following year. This was followed by his becoming a lay preacher, but in 1740 he parted from the Wesleys on doctrinal grounds. He assisted Whitefield until 1745, when he joined the Mora¬vians, and was ordained deacon, in London, in 1749. His duties led him twice to Germany and also to the North of Ireland. He died in London, July 4, 1755. In addition to a few prose works, and some sermons, he published:— (1) Sacred Hymns, for the Children of God in the Days of their Pilgrimage, Lond., J. Lewis, n.d. (2nd ed. Lond., B. Milles, 1741), Pts. ii., iii., 1742; (2) Sacred Hymns for the Use of Religious Societies, &c, Bristol, F. Farley, 1743; (3) A Collection of Sacred Hymns, &c, Dublin, S. Powell, 3rd ed., 1749; (4) Hymns to the honour of Jesus Christ, composed for such Little Children as desire to be saved. Dublin, S. Powell, 1754. Additional hymns from his manuscripts were published by his son-in-law, the Rev. J. Swertner, in the Moravian Hymn Book, 1789, of which he was the editor. There are also 16 of his hymns in his Sermons, 2 vols., 1753-4, some being old hymns rewritten, and others new.
Many of Cennick's hymns are widely known, as, "Lo, He cometh, countless trumpets;" “Brethren, let us join to bless;" "Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone;" "Children of the heavenly King;" "Ere I sleep, for every favour;" "We sing to Thee, Thou Son of God;" and the Graces: " Be present at our table, Lord;" and "We thank Thee, Lord;" &c. Some of the stanzas of his hymns are very fine, but the hymns taken as a whole are most unequal. Some excellent centos might be compiled from his various works. His religious experiences were given as a preface to his Sacred Hymns, 1741. In addition to the hymns named, and others annotated under their first lines, the following are in common use:—
1. Be with me [us] Lord, where'er I [we] go. Divine Protection. [1741.]
2. Cast thy burden on the Lord. Submission. [1743.]
3. Not unto us, but Thee alone. Praise to Jesus. [1743.]
4. Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb. Priesthood of Christ. [1743.]
5. We sing to Thee, Thou Son of God. Praise to Jesus. [1743.]
6. When, 0 dear Jesus, when shall I? Sunday Evening. [1743.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by John Cennick (102)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
سوف يأتي في سحابJohn Cennick (Author)Arabic1
يا بني المولى السماويJohn Cennick (Author)Arabic1
A good High Priest is comeCennick (Author)English16
A nuestra mesa ven, SeñorJohn Cennick (Author)Spanish2
Ah me I'm never well but whenJohn Cennick (Author)English1
Am I called, and can it beJohn Cennick (Author)1
Answer thine own Bride and SpiritJohn Cennick (Author)3
Awake and blow, thou purest windJohn Cennick (Author)2
Be present at our table, LordJohn Cennick (Author)English51
Be with me, Lord, where'er I goJohn Cennick (Author)English58
Blest be the dear united loveCennick (Author)English1
Blest is the dear, uniting loveJohn Cennick (Author)7
Brethren let us join to blessJohn Cennick (Author)14
Cast thy burden on the Lord, Only lean upon His wordRev. John Cennick (Author)English11
Cast thy burdens on the Lord, Leave them with thy SaviorJohn Cennick (Author)English2
Children of the heavenly King, As we journey, sweetly singJohn Cennick (Author)English835
Christ is our Master, Lord and GodJohn Cennick, 1718-1755 (Author)4
Christians, dismiss your fearJohn Cennick (Author (stanza 2,3))English5
Come Holy Spirit, heavenly guestJohn Cennick (Author)1
Come, my soul, before the LambCennick (Author)4
Come, ye sinners, poor and needyCennick (Author)English1
Con las nubes viene CristoJohn Cennick (Author (st. 3))Spanish3
Dear Savior, we bless thee that Thou wast a childJohn Cennick (Author)5
En esta mesa, buen SeñorJohn Cennick (Author)Spanish2
PrayersJohn Cenick (Author)English2
Ere I sleep, for every favorJohn Cennick (Author)English53
Fear not, brethren, joyful standJohn Cennick (Author)English2
Go, follow the SaviorJohn Cennick (Author)4
God of the prophets' powerJohn Cennick (Author)14
Great God! if thou shouldst bring me nearJohn Cennick (Author)English1
Great God, we praise Thy gracious careJ. Cennick (Author)English8
Hail, Alpha and Omega, hail! Thou Author of our faithJohn Cennick (Author)English19
Hail, church of Christ, bought with his bloodJohn Cennick (Author)9
Happy the children who are goneJohn Cennick (Author)12
Hijos del celeste ReyJohn Cennick (Author)Spanish8
Ho ye despairing sinners hearCennick (Author)5
Holy Ghost, anointing DoveJohn Cennick (Author)2
Hosanna to the living Lord!John Cennick (Author)English1
How beautiful upon the hillsJohn Cennick (Author)2
How heart-affecting Christ to seeJohn Cennick, 1718-55 (Author)5
How many years has man been drivenJohn Cennick (Author)English17
How sad and awful is my stateCennick (Author)22
I ask not for honor, pomp or praiseJohn Cennick (Author)5
I kneel in spirit at my Savior's crossJohn Cennick (Author)4
I love the Lord, who died for meJohn Cennick (Author)15
I want, dear Lord, my wants to knowCennick (Author)2
I will a little pilgrim beJohn Cennick (Author)11
I would a youthful pilgrim beJohn Cennick (Author)English9
Ṡicapi kiŋ nipi kta eJohn Cennick (Author)Dakota1
Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone, He whom I fix my hopes uponJohn Cennick (Author)English528
Jesus, thou art my salvationJohn Cennick (Author)4
Lamb of God belovedRev. Rev. John Cennick, 1718-1755, 1718-1775 (Author)1
Lamb of God, my SaviorJohn Cennick, 1718-55 (Author)English4
Let us, the sheep by Jesus namedJohn Cennick (Author)English6
Lo glad I come and thou blest lambJohn Cennick (Author)2
Lo he comes from heaven descending sent to judgeJ. Cennick (Author)3
Lo he comes the archangel's trumpet wakes to lifeJohn Cennick (Author)3
Lo! he comes, with clouds descending! Hark! the trump of God is blownRev. John Cennick (Author)1
Lo! He comes with clouds descending, Once for guilty sinners slainJohn Cennick (Author)English123
Lo! he cometh! countless trumpetsCennick (Author)English23
Lord, at thy feet I prostrate fall Cennick, altered (Author)24
Lord Jesus, we bless thee that thou wast aJohn Cennick (Author)4
Lord, obediently we'll goJohn Cennick (Author)2
No farther go tonight, but stayCennick (Author)7
Not unto us but thee aloneJohn Cennick (Author)English21
O how I have longed to go and seeJohn Cennick (Author)4
O if the Lamb had not been slainJohn Cennick, 1718-55 (Author)6
O my Lord, what shall I renderJ. Cennick (Author)English2
O sole Redeemer, living TruthJohn Cennick (Author)3
O thou who on earth didst the children receiveJohn Cennick, 1718-55 (Author)3
Our Savior alone, The Lord let us blessJohn Cennick (Author)English14
Por el sustento que nos dasJohn Cennick, 1718-1755 (Author)Spanish2
Preist den Herren Jesus Christus, HallelujaJohn Cennick (Author)German2
Rise, my soul, adore thy MakerJohn Cennick, 1718-1755 (Author (stanza 2))English9
Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsCennick (Author)English18
Sacred name of JesusJohn Cennick (Author)3
Savior and regeneratorJohn Cennick, 1718-1755 (Author)1
Servants of the heavenly King, as we journeyJohn Cennick (Author)2
Six thousand years are nearly passedJohn Cennick (Author)4
Sometimes a light surprisesJohn Cennick (Author)English3
Son of God, to thee we bowJohn Cennick (Author)4
The child sweetly restsJohn Cennick (Author)5
The doctrine of our dying LordJohn Cennick (Author)5
The holy Child, JesusJohn Cennick (Author)4
The way the holy prophets wentJohn Cennick (Author)2
Then will I tell to sinners round What a dear Savior I have foundJohn Cennick (Author)5
This is the way I long have sought And mournedJohn Cennick (Author)English4
Thou blest Redeemer, dying LambJohn Cennick (Author)9
Thou dear Redeemer, dying LambJohn Cennick (Author)English167
Thou great Redeemer, dying LambJohn Cennick (Author)8
Though but a little child I amJohn Cennick (Author)7
Though I'm in body full of painJohn Cennick, 1718-55 (Author)5
Today God bids the faithful restJohn Cennick (Author)English7
Together with these symbols, LordJohn Cennick (Author)English26
Ved del cielo descendiendoJohn Cennick, 1718-1755 (Author)Spanish3
Wayfaring men and sojournersCennick (Author)3
We sing to thee, thou Son of GodJohn Cennick (Author)10
We thank Thee, Lord, for this our foodJohn Cennick (Author)English12
What, my soul, should bow thee downJohn Cennick (Author)8
When Christ, our Savior, did ascendJohn Cennick, 1718-55 (Author)4
When, dearest Savior, when shall IJohn Cennick (Author)8
When, O dear Jesus, when shall IJohn Cennick (Author)English56

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