Phoebe Cary

Phoebe Cary
Short Name: Phoebe Cary
Full Name: Cary, Phoebe, 1824-1871
Birth Year: 1824
Death Year: 1871

Phoebe Cary, (1824-1871) was born and raised in Mount Healthy in Hamilton County, Ohio. Her family came from Lyme, New Hampshire to Ohio when her grandfather was given land in return for his service in the Continental Army. She was the younger sister of Alice Cary (1820-1871). She and Alice submitted poetry to religious periodicals. Phoebe remained in Ohio and continued to write many hymns, including, "One sweetly solemn thought."

Mary Louise VanDyke
Cary, Phoebe, sister of Alice Cary, born near Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 4, 1824, and died within six months of the death of the same sister at Newport, July 31, 1871. Her works include Poems and Parodies, 1854; and Poems of Faith, Hope and Love, 1868. With Dr. Charles F. Deems she compiled Hymns for all Christians, 1869. Her hymns are:—
1. One sweetly solemn thought. Anticipation of Heaven. This piece was not intended for public use, nor is it a suitable metre for musical treatment, yet it has won universal acceptance and popularity. In some instances this has been attained by change of metre as in the Supplement to the Baptist Psalms & Hymns 1880, No. 1185. Johnson's Encyclopedia is in error in saying it was "written at the age of 17." The Congregational Quarterly for Oct., 1874, says, "it was written, she tells us, in the little back third story bedroom, one Sabbath morning in 1852, on her return from church." This statement shows that it was composed when she was 28, and not 17. The popularity of the hymn in Great Britain arose mainly through its use in the Evangelistic services of Messrs. Moody and Sankey. In the Protestant Episcopal Hymns for Church and Home, Phila., 1860, No. 383, it is given as "A sweetly solemn thought."
The following additional pieces by this author are in the Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868:—
2. Go and sow beside all waters. Seed Sowing.
3. Great waves of plenty rolling up. Gratitude.
4. I had drunk, with lips unsated. Living Waters.
[Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Phoebe Cary (27)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A crown of glory brightPhoebe Cary (Author)English3
Along the mountain track of lifeMiss Phoebe Cary, 1825-1871 (Author)1
Away in the dim and distant pastPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Bringing pleasant hopes and visionsPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Christian, are you up and doingPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Dulce y precioso me esPhoebe Cary (Author)Spanish2
En Alvorstanke blibPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Faithless, perverse, and blindPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Go and sow beside all waters in the morning of thy youthPhoebe Cary (Author)12
Great waves of plenty rolling upPhoebe Cary (Author)3
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord!Phoebe Cary (Author)English1
Hur ljufligt mangen gangPhoebe Cary (Author)2
I ask not wealth, but power to takePhoebe Cary (Author)8
I had drunk, with lips unsatedPhoebe Cary (Author)3
I have been out today in field and woodPhoebe Cary (Author)2
I hold that Christian grace aboundsPhoebe Cary (Author)2
I thought to find some healing climePhoebe Cary (Author)2
If you're told to do a thingPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Like a child that is lostPhoebe Cary (Author)2
O mine eyes, be not so tearfulPhoebe Cary (Author)2
O years gone down into the pastPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Once a trap was baitedPhoebe Cary (Author)4
One sweetly solemn thoughtPhoebe Cary (Author)English545
Our old, brown homestead reared its wallsPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Suppose, my little ladyPhoebe Cary (Author)2
Think on him, Lord, we ask thy aidPhoebe Cary (Author)2
With sunshine always on his facePhoebe Carey (Author)2

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