Harvey C. Camp

Short Name: Harvey C. Camp
Full Name: Camp, Harvey C.

Mr. Harvey C. Camp compiled “Missionary Hymns with Tunes" for use in missionary meetings.

--from Baptist Missionary Magazine, Volume 72

Texts by Harvey C. Camp (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A birthday, a birthdayHarvey C. Camp (Author)2
Are your souls the Savior seeking?Harvey C. Camp (Author)English3
Living fountain ever flowingHarvey C. Camp (Author)1
Lord, to thy dear nameHarvey C. Camp (Author)3
Now our voices blendingHarvey C. Camp (Author)2
Only leaves, and yet the summerHarvey C. Camp (Author)4
Our Sunday school is over, And we are going homeHarvey C. Camp (Author)English8
To thy house, O LordHarvey C. Camp (Author)2
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