John R. Bryant

Short Name: John R. Bryant
Full Name: Bryant, John R. does not have biographical information about this person.

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Always do what you can for JesusJ. R. B. (Author)English2
Arise, ye soldiers of the cross (Bryant)John R. Bryant (Author)2
As adown life's path you journey, be as cheerful as you canJ. R. B. (Author)English2
At the door of thy heart, loJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, come and bathe my trembling heart and browJohn R. Bryant (Author)English2
Come, ye sinners, to the fountainJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Come, ye weary and oppressed, Come, come todayJ. R. B. (Author)3
Draw me closer to Thee With the joys of peaceJ. R. B. (Author)English2
Eternity, where, it floats in the airJohn R. Bryant (Author)English5
Far beyond these fleeting shadowsJohn R. Bryant (Author)3
Forward, Christian workers, forward for the KingJohn R. Bryant (Author)English3
From the cross on Calvary's mountain, Flows a crimson TideJohn R. Bryant (Author)English3
Hear the call, the call for faithful reapersJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Hear the distant nations cryingJohn R. Bryant (Author)3
How precious the thought, while as pilgrims we roamJohn R. Bryant (Author)3
I am fully persuaded, on the Lord to believeJno. R. Bryant (Author)English2
I have found a precious Friend, O how I love HimJ. R. B. (Author)English2
I have work enough to do, in a field's that's ever newJno. R. Bryant (Author)English4
I will trust in my SaviorJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
If clouds shut out the sunshine, from in yourJohn R. Bryant (Author)6
In the conquest of the cross we gladly march alongJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Jesus, the Shepherd's lookingJohn R. Bryant (Author)3
Just beyond these fleeting shadowsJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Just from dreamland, just from dreamlandJ. R. B. (Author)2
Leading the faithful, everJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Little Christian soldiers enlisted for JesusJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Mama kissed me in a dream last nightJohn R. Bryant (Author)English4
More love to thee, O Lord, I oweJ. R. Bryant (Author)English3
Now a song of grateful praiseJohn R. Bryant (Author)English2
O be careful where you stepJohn R. Bryant (Author)English2
O longing soul, be not dismayedJ. R. B. (Author)4
O take some precious promiseJohn R. Bryant (Author)English3
O the Christian's motto is the "forward go"John R. Bryant (Author)English2
O the night is long and drearyJohn R. Bryant (Arranger)2
O when the Savior shall gather his jewelsJohn R. Bryant (Author)1
Place my name on the rollJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Plead we the promise Thy word does recordJohn R. Bryant (Author)6
Soul of mine, be not awearyJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
Tell the love of Christ abroadJohn R. Bryant (Author)3
The Savior sends a precious gift to meJ. R. B. (Author)2
There'll be no more dyingJ. R. B. (Author)2
There's a song of a broken pinionJ. R. B. (Author)English4
We have heard the invitationJ. R. B. (Author)4
We're floating down the stream of timeJ. R. B. (Arranger)English1
What will it matter by and by, Whether my path below was bright (Bryant)J. R. B. (Author)English3
When Jesus left heaven and came to earthJ. R. B. (Author)English3
When the clouds of trouble gather, Over you path belowJ. B. Bryant (Author)English2
Where the rough road turns there's a valley sweetJ. R. B. (Arranger)English2
Would you know why Jesus keeps meJohn R. Bryant (Author)2
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