Charles T. Brooks

Charles T. Brooks
Short Name: Charles T. Brooks
Full Name: Brooks, Charles Timothy, 1813-1883
Birth Year: 1813
Death Year: 1883

Brooks, Charles Timothy. An American Unitarian Minister, born at Salem, Mass., June 20, 1813, and graduated at Harvard, 1832, and the Divinity School, Cambridge, U.S., 1835. In that year he began his ministry at Nahant, subsequently preaching at Bangor and Augusta (Maine), Windsor (Vermont). In 1837 he became pastor of Newport, Rhode Island, and retained the same charge until 1871, when he resigned through ill-health. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Brooks, C. T. (p. 184, i,). He died at Newport, Rhode Island, June 14, 1883.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Charles Timothy Brooks (June 20, 1813 – June 14, 1883) was a noted American translator of German works, a poet, a transcendentalist and a Unitarian pastor.

Texts by Charles T. Brooks (36)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A voice from the sea to the mountainsCharles Timothy Brooks (Author)English3
And the sun he set out on his mighty rideCharles T. Brooks (Translator)English3
At thy call, O voice divineCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Brook said to stream: Ah me! swallowed so suddenlyCharles T. Brooks (Author)1
Canst thou count the stars up yonderChas. T. Brooks (Translator)English3
Come forth, O Christian childrenCharles T. Brooks (Author)4
Earth rolls round from day to nightCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Father, beneath thy chastening strokeCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Father of the world and soulCharles J. Brooks (Author)English3
God bless our native land! Firm may she ever standCharles T. Brooks, 1813-83 (Author (st. 1))English174
God is in the heavens above usRev. C. T. Brooks (Author)English3
Golden gleams of noonday fellCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Great God, within these temple gatesCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Great Lord of all, our Father, GodCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Heavenward swells our fervent songCharles T. Brooks (Author)English2
I know not whither I goCharles T. Brooks (Author)1
I say to every man I meetCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Lamb of God's fold, 'tis well with theeCharles T. Brooks (Author)3
Life is a sea, like ships we meetCharles T. Brooks (Author)English3
O Father, by Thy holy willO. T. Brooks (Author)English4
O friend, endeared to heart and mindCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
O God, in thine autumnal skiesCharles T. Brooks (Author)English7
O God, in thy autumnal skiesCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
O heart brightener! sorrow lightener!Charles T. Brooks (Author)English2
O make our house thy sanctuaryRev. C. T. Brooks (Translator (from German))1
O praise the Lord, ye youthful choirs, adore himCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Once more on balmy wingsCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Our fathers' God to Thee, Author of libertyRev. C. T. Brooks (Author (st. 2))English6
Rejoice, O weary soulCharles T. Brooks (Author)6
Spirits of the mighty deadCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Spring is abroad on the new born earthCharles T. Brooks (Author)3
Summer days once more are comingCharles T. Brooks (Author)English8
The break of morn and MayCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
The poor ye always have with youCharles T. Brooks (Author)2
Why need I pine for stores of wealthRev. Chas. T. Brooks (Author)4
Word, whose creative thrill wakes in all nature stillCharles T. Brooks (Author)7

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