Nicholas Brady

Short Name: Nicholas Brady
Full Name: Brady, Nicholas, 1659-1726
Birth Year: 1659
Death Year: 1726

Nicholas Brady, the son of an officer in the Royalist army, was born in Brandon, Ireland, 1659. He studied at Westminster School, and at Christ Church College, oxford, and graduated at Trinity College, Dublin. He held several positions in the ministry, but later in life retired to Richmond Surrey, where he established a school. Here he translated some of the Psalms. Several volumes of his sermons and smaller works were published, but his chief work, like that of his co-colabourer Tate, was the "Metrical Version of Psalms."
This version was authorized by King William in 1696, and has, since that time, taken the place of the earlier translation by Sternhold and Hopkins, which was published in 1562. The whole of the Psalms, with tunes, appeared in 1698, and a Supplement of Church Hymns in 1703. Of this version, which has little poetic merit, Montgomery says "It is nearly as inanimate as the former, though a little more refined." None of the "Metrical Psalms" are to be compared with the Psalms of the Prayer Book Psalter, and very few of them are worthy a place in a collection of hymns.

--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, 1872.

Texts by Nicholas Brady (38)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As pants the hart for cooling streams, When heated in the chaseNicholas Brady (Author)English27
Be thou, O God, exalted high Nicholas Brady (Author)English6
For Thee, O God, our constant praiseNicholas Brady (Author)English2
Give ear, ye children, to my lawBrady (Author)English2
God is our refuge in distress, A present help when dangers press (Tate and Brady)Brady (Author)English1
Have mercy, Lord, on me, As Thou wert ever kindN. Brady (Author)English9
Instruct me in thy statutes, LordNicholas Brady (Author)English1
Jesus Christ is risen today, Our triumphant holy dayN. Brady (Author)English5
Let me with light and truth be blessedN. Brady (Author)English1
Lift up your heads, eternal gates, Unfold to entertainNicholas Brady (Author)English1
My soul with patience waitsN. Brady (Author)English4
No change of time shall ever shockN. Brady (Author)English2
O come, loud anthems let us sing, Loud thanks to our Almighty KingN. Brady (Author)English2
O God of hosts, the mighty LordNicholas Brady (Author)English1
O God, we praise Thee, and confessRev. Nicholas Brady, D.D. (Author)English4
O Lord, our fathers oft have toldBrady (Author)English1
O praise ye the Lord, Prepare your glad voiceBrady (Author)English3
O render thanks to God aboveNicholas Brady (Author)English1
O Thou to Whom all creatures bow Nicholas Brady (Author)English2
O 'twas a joyful sound to hear Our tribes devoutly sayN. Brady (Author)English6
O with due reverence let us allN. Brady (Author)English1
The Lord hath spoke, the mighty GodNicholas Brady (Author)English1
The Lord himself, the mighty LordNicholas Brady (Author)English1
The Lord unto my Lord thus spakeNicholas Brady (Author)English1
Thou God, all glory, honor, powerN. Brady (Author)English3
Thou, Lord, by strictest search hast knownBrady (Author)English2
Through all the changing scenes of life, In trouble and in woeN. Brady (Author)English30
Through endless years thou art the sameBrady (Author)2
To bless thy chosen raceBrady (Author)English6
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The God whom we adoreNicholas Brady (Author)English1
To God be glory, peace on earth, To all mankind good willN. Brady, 1659-1726 (Author)English1
To God, the mighty LordNicholas Brady (Author)English1
To Zion's hill I lift my eyes (Tate and Brady)N. Brady (Author)English1
我如困鹿切慕溪水 (Wǒ rú kùn lù qiè mù xīshuǐ)Nicholas Brady (Author)Chinese2
While shepherds watched their flocks by night, All seated on the groundBrady (Author)English1
With glory clad, with strength arrayedNicholas Brady (Author)English2
With one consent let all the earthBrady (Author)English3
Ye boundless realms of joyNicholas Brady (1659-1726) (Paraphraser)English1

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