Effie S. Black

Short Name: Effie S. Black
Full Name: Black, Effie S.
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Texts by Effie S. Black (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Both weak and blind, dear Lord, I amEffie S. Black (Author)8
Earth's joys may pass awayE. S. B. (Author)5
God so loved the world, when in darkness 'twas lostEffie S. Black (Author)English7
Gott liebte die Welt, tief verloren in NachtEffie S. Black (Author)German2
Great God, we come before TheeEffie S. Black (Author)6
Holy Spirit, dwell in me teach mine erring feetE. S. B. (Author)English17
I will praise and adore the Redeemer divineEffie S. Black (Author)2
O Lord of life, we come to theeE. S. B. (Author)2
O Savior, take my hand in thineEffie S. Black (Author)5
O soldiers of the living GodEffie S. Black (Author)6
O tell the glorious news to allEffie S. Black (Author)7
Savior, tarry with us, now the day is doneEffie S. Black (Author)2
Spirit, tender, holy, Come and dwell in meE. S. B. (Author)English6
When fades the light upon life's seaEffie S. Black (Author)3
When the days are full of gladnessEffie S. Black (Author)3
Where the winds of death are blowingEffie S. Black (Author)English9
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