P. P. Bilhorn

P. P. Bilhorn
Short Name: P. P. Bilhorn
Full Name: Bilhorn, P. P. (Peter Philip), 1865-1936
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1936

Pseudonyms: W. Ferris Britcher, Irene Durfee; C. Ferris Holden, P. H. Rob­lin (a an­a­gram of his name)
Peter Philip Bilhorn was born, in Mendota, IL. His father died in the Civil War 3 months before he was born. His early life was not easy. At age 8, he had to leave school to help support the family. At age 15, living in Chicago, he had a great singing voice and sang in German beer gardens there. At this time, he and his brother also formed the Eureka Wagon & Carriage Works in Chicago, IL. At 18 Peter became involved in gospel music, studying under George F. Root and George C. Stebbins. He traveled to the Dakotas and spent some time sharing the gospel with cowboys there. He traveled extensively with D. L. Moody, and was Billy Sunday's song leader on evangelistic endeavors. His evangelistic work took him into all the states of the Union, Great Britain, and other foreign countries. In London he conducted a 4000 voice choir in the Crystal Palace, and Queen Victoria invited him to sing in Buckinghm Palace. He wrote some 2000 gospel songs in his lifetime. He also invented a folding portable telescoping pump organ, weighing 16 lbs. It could be set up in about a minute. He used it at revivals in the late 19th century. He founded the Bilhorn Folding Organ Company in Chicago. IL, and his organ was so popular it was sold all over the world. He edited 10 hymnals and published 11 gospel songbooks. He died in Los Angeles, CA, in 1936.

John Perry

Texts by P. P. Bilhorn (316)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A beggar blind sat by the wayP.B. (Author)English4
A lame man sat at the beautiful gateP. P. B. (Arranger)1
A lonely loving mother waitsPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
After the conflict all is overPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Alas, and did my Savior bleedP. Bilhorn (Arranger (chorus))English2
Almost, but still I resistedPeter Bilhorn, 1865-1936 (Author)English3
Almost I trusted in JesusP. P. B. (Author)6
Always remember your mother, my boyPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Am I a soldier of the crossPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Are you building on the rock, Christian soldierP. P. B. (Author)3
Are you heavy laden, do you oft repineBilhorn (Author)3
Are you in the royal armyP. P. B. (Author)English2
Are you ready for the BridegroomP. P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Are you waiting, are you readyP. P. B. (Author)English2
Are your feet on the Rock Christ JesusPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
Art thou weak, afflicted soulPeter P. Bilhorn (Arranger)4
At the door the Savior's knockingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
At the sweet hour of prayer in the home far awayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Be not weary in well doing, Turn not from the pathPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
Beautiful beams of sunshinePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
Behold the armies of the kingP. P. B. (Arranger)4
Behold the Lord is comingP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
Blessed assurance Jesus hath saidP. P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Blessed be the God and Father of our Savior Jesus ChristPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)6
Blessed Jesus, thou art mine, All I have is wholly thineP. B. (Author)28
But as many as received HimP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
By the cross of Christ, our SaviorPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
By the love that came to be a friend to sinful menPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Caimbagan a Gayyem ni JesusP. P. B. (Author)Tagalog2
Carry me back to my mother's true lovePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Christ is coming, and all nations shall behold HimP. P. B. (Author)6
Come, is the call of the FatherPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
Come, Lord Jesus! O come quickly! This our yearning cryP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to bePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Come near to the bedside of mother, my boyPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Come sinners come to Jesus nowP. Bilhorn (Author)3
Come to the Savior, while He is callingP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Come, ye children, march alongP. P. B. (Author)1
Cristo es el mejor amigoP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Spanish2
Do not mind what others say, Make the best of every dayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
Do not neglect the dear loved ones at homePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Do you want a friend to love youPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Down by the river on redemption groundP. P. B. (Author)3
Drifting away from Christ in thy youthPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Em Cristo há perfeito perdãoPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)Portuguese2
Es Jesús el mejor amigoP. P. B. (Author)Spanish6
Es klingt mir das Wort, wie ein LiedP. B. (Author)German2
Eternal Holy Ghost of lovePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Eternity, where, it floats in the airP. P. B. (Arranger)1
Faithful remain to your Savior and LordPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
Far beyond the shining gatePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
Far from God, to Christ a strangerPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Far out upon the bywaysPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
Father and mother prayingBilhorn (Author)3
For God so loved the world, he gave his Son for man to dieP. P. B. (Author)English3
For us, in might came forth the mighty OnePeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)1
Gather up the rays of sunshinePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
Glory be to the Father! Glory be to the Son! (Bilhorn)P. P. B. (Author)2
Glory to Jesus, who died on the treeP. B. (Author)English27
Hallejah! hallelujah! I am saved to tellP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Happy in Jesus, O wonderful graceP. P. B. (Author)3
Hark, the angels' voices singPeter P. Bilhorn (Adapter)English6
Hark, 'tis the watchman's cryP. P. B. (Arranger)English2
Hast thou heard of God who in wondrous loveP. B. (Author)English3
Have you anyone there in that heavenly landP. P. B. (Arranger)English1
Have you been down at the fountainP. P. B. (Author)English2
Have you burdens hard to bearPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Have you left the old home and a mother's carePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Have you told Jesus the burdens you bearPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)English2
He is coming, he is coming, shout aloud this glad refrainP. P. B. (Author)English2
He plucked me out of the mire and clayPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)English2
He that winneth souls is wise, He will enter paradiseP. P. B. (Author)English3
He will bring me home in His own good timePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
Hear the crying in the land, Lend a handPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
He's a Friend that sticketh closerPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
His love is ever abidingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
His peace passeth all understandingP. P. B. (Arranger)2
Ho ye ransomed come and singPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
How wonderful to know the powerPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I am happy on my wayP. P. B. (Author)1
I am now a child of God, I've been washed in Jesus' bloodP. P. B. (Author)English1
I am singing today of the cross and the bloodPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
I am traveling on the way to gloryPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I came to Jesus in my sinPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
I can never tell how much He is to meP. P. B. (Author)English2
I can sing the wondrous story Since the ComforterP. P. B. (Author)8
I can tell you when, I can tell you wherePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English9
I come to thee, dear Savior, Because I need Thee soP. P. Bilhorn (Author)3
I could not do without TheeBilhorn (Author (4th verse))English1
I do believe with all my soulP. B. (Author)4
I found it, I found itMrs. P. P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I found sweet peace in Christ my LordPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
I had many and he took them all awayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I had so many sins and he took them all awayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)6
I have found a balm for all my woeP. P. Bilhorn (Author)1
I have heard of a land where bright angels dwellP. P. B. (Author)2
I have Jesus in my heart, and I'm satisfiedPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I know not where the way may lead meP. P. B. (Author)English2
I love to sing of Jesus, who hath redeemedPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
I once was a rebel, but now I am freePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
I sing of his love abidingP. P. B. (Author)5
I stood all alone by the waysidePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)8
I walked through the woodland meadowsP. P. B. (Author (v. 4))English2
I wandered in darkness and knew not the lightBilhorn (Author)2
I want to be more like my Savior, So pureP. P. Bilhorn (Author)1
I was a ruined sinnerPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I was lying at the pool of BethesdaPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
I was straying afar from the sheltering foldPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
I was weary, lost and strayingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
I will be there with Jesus in His excellent gloryPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
I will cast in the depths of the fathomless seaPeter Bilhorn (Author)English3
I will follow thee, my Savior, Thou hast shed thy blood for meP. B. (Author)English4
I will meet you there in the morning fairPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
I will praise my dear Redeemer Through a longPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I will praise my Redeemer and LordP. P. B. (Adapter)1
I will sing the praises of my Lord and SaviorPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I will walk the streets of glory by and byP. P. B. (Author)4
Ich komm' zu dir, mein HeilandPeter Bilhorn (Author)German1
If o'er your way dark clouds arisePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
If we always go to Jesus when the billows rollPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
If you would know the peace of GodPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
If your heart is rightPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
If your heart is sadPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I'm happy in the love of JesusPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I'm homeward bound, soon I shall seePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
I'm on my way to Zion's hillPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
I'm satisfied with Jesus, I walk the narrow wayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
In my heart a song is swelling like a mighty seaPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)1
In my heart lives a song that I sing all day longPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
In my memory there linger thoughts of motherBilhorn (Author)English2
In the beginning of our redemptionP. P. B. (Author)4
In the land of strangers Whither thou art goneP. P. B. (Arranger)English1
In the land of wondrous beautyPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
In the sweet days of my childhoodPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Into life's darkness, into life's nightP. P. B. (Author)English2
Is it well with your soul today, brother? With your soul, your soul today?P. P. B. (Author)English2
Jesus died for you and me, Is it not good news?P. P. Bilhorn (Author)English5
Jesus is standing in Pilate's hall, Friendless, forsaken, betrayed by allP. P. Bilhorn (Arranger)English1
Jesus redeems me from every sinPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Jesus saves me today, and He saves me alwayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
Jesus stands ready to pardonPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
Just a precious promise that my mother loved to readPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Kiss me, mother, kiss me gentlyPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
La santa quietud Dios me dióP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Spanish2
Lead me till I reach that cityPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Let me ever, Lord, love and keep thy wordPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Let us give praise unto our KingP. P. B. (Author)2
Liebster Jesus, du bist meinPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)German1
Life everlasting he offers to theePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
Life everlasting is offered to allPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Lift up your voices, O loud let them ringPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
Lift your eyes and look on JesusPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
Like the love of God, the FatherPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Listen, brother, while we sing of the SaviorPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Living water pure and freePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
Long ago the Savior sought usPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
Look where you step young man of todayP. P. B. (Author)English2
Lord, according to thy loving kindnessP. B. (Author)English4
Lord, according to Thy loving kindness, Show ThyPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Lord, save me, Lord, save me, When upon the troubled seaPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)7
Lord, this is what we needP. P. B. (Author)English2
"Még ma nem!"—mondják sokanP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Hungarian2
March on to victory, the call of God is soundingP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Messiah's call rings out to one and allPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
Mine the crown and kingdom isPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
Mit hjerte nu synger en sangP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Norwegian1
Mitt hjärta har funnit en sångPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)Swedish2
Mitt hj'rta har l'rt sig en sangPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
More and more I long for JesusPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
My boy, you are nearing life's manhoodPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
My heart was not right in my dear Savior's sightP. P. B. (Author)11
My Savior controlleth my every wayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
My soul is redeemed by the blood of the LambPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)6
Never alone in this earthly wayP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Nobly our flag is wavingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
"Not tonight," so many sayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English8
Nothing for Jesus no place in your heartPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
N'stan jag trodde paa JesusPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
O brother, which side of the Lord will you standPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)7
O, der er ingen ven som JesusPeter Bilhorn (Author)Norwegian2
O, don't you want to work for JesusPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
O height and depth O length and breadthP. P. Bilhorn (Author)1
O house of many mansionsP. P. B. (Adapter)1
O Iesu kuu mea e ola'iP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Hawaiian3
O kein freund, der nich leibt, wie JesusP. P. Bilhorn (Author)German3
O my brother, art thou drifting, Drifting toward a seaPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English7
O sing the glad news of JesusP. P. B. (Author)2
O trust the Savior, let come what mayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
O what a Savior, he's pleading for youPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)19
O what will you do in the solemn dayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
O who is this forgiveth sinPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
O why do you carry your burden alonePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
O ye who are bound by the fetters of sinPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
O ye who have heard the gospelPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
O hear the sweet bells ringingMrs. P. P. Bilhorn (Author)2
O how I love Jesus, O how I love JesusP. B. (Author)1
O the best friend to have is JesusP. P. B. (Author)English73
Oh! ti Mannubbot awisennacaP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Tagalog2
O what are you doing for Jesus? He left the bright glories aboveP. B. (Author)5
On Calvary he took the sinner's placePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
One night as I lay dreamingBilhorn (Author)5
Out on the highways wherever we goP. P. B. (Arranger)English2
Out upon the mountain straying, one lone sheep was lostPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
Over the noise of battle, over the storm and tidePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Over the river, not far awayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Peace, peace, sweet peacePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Percibe mi alma un sonPeter P. Bilhorn, 1865-1936 (Author)Spanish2
Pilgrims of earth, as ye sow ye shall reapPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
Por Cristo la paz hecha fue: su pazP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Spanish3
Praise to the Father, blest be the SonP. B. (Author)English3
Precious mother, I am goingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Prepare to meet thy God, Ere judgment He doth sendPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
Remember from whence thou art fallenPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
Rouse, ye Christians, up and doingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Salvation, O sing the glad storyPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English9
Saved by grace O wonderful storyP. P. B. (Author)6
Saved by grace through faith alonePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Say, is your lamp burning, my brotherP. P. B. (Author)8
Seeking for Jesus in BethlehemPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
She would wipe away my tear dropsPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Should the Master call me home todayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Since Jesus washed my sins away, my soul sings HallelujahP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Sing, O my soul, repeat the olden storyPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Sing unto the Lord and bless His holy nameP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Smile, smile when you're feeling bluePeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
So near to the kingdom, yet what dost thou lackPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)English1
Some day when my toiling and trials are o'erP. P. B. (Author)8
Someone is near to the kingdom todayP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Sweet, sweet old story, oft has been toldP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Take me, make me P. P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
The clouds of doubt have flown awayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
The days are quickly passingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
The field is great, the grain is whitePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
The glory of Israel is not the lawPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
The Lord has washed away my sin, for when he knockedPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
The Lord's my light and libertyP. P. B. (Author)2
The Lord's our rock, in Him we hidePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
The man whose transgressions are pardoned in gracePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
"The Master is come and calleth for thee" He stands at the door of thy heart (Bilhorn)Peter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
The Master is coming, He's coming againP. P. B. (Author)English2
The morning Light has come as lastP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
The Savior hath said That no tears shall be shedPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English5
The Savior in love is callingP. P. B. (Author)5
The Savior is my all in allPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)30
The Savior now is standing Outside the fast closed doorPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
The Savior shed his precious blood On Calvary's rugged treePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
The Savior stands waiting and knocks at thy doorPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
The Savior's hand is knockingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
The Son of God hath power on earthPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
The voice of him that crieth in the wildernessP. P. B. (Author)English5
There are opportunities in each busy dayPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
There are sheep astray from the Master's foldPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
There came to my heart a sweet message of loveP. P. B. (Author)8
There comes to my heart one sweet strainP. P. B. (Author)English165
There is a full salvation, And that is what we needPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
There is a secret tried and truePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)6
There is love, true love, in the heavenly homePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
There is sunshine in the valley, there is sunshine on the hillPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
There is work that we can doPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)6
There was an old decanterPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
There was no hope within my heartPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
There'll be no dark river for me to crossPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
There's a church in the valley by the wildwoodP. P. B. (Author)English1
There's a home beyond this vale of tearsPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
There's a joy for every sorrow, there's a balm for every painPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
There's a land where sorrow and sin are never knownPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English3
There's a precious promise in His Holy wordP. P. B. (Author)English2
There's a promise recorded in God's holy wordP. Bilhorn (Author)2
There's no hope beyond the grave, my brotherPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English4
There's no one to go to but JesusP. B. (Author)English3
There's power in the blood of the precious Son of GodP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
There's someone who knows when the waves roll highPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
This is the golden seed timePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
Thou art drifting down life's riverPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)7
Though the way seems dark before youPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Though we are little and do not mean muchPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Thy sins I bore on Calvary's treePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)4
'Tis sweet to kneel in humble prayerP. P. B. (Author)2
Today the Savior calleth for theeP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
Toy pusoc inna maricnaP. P. Bilhorn (Author)Tagalog2
Traveler weary on life's rugged wayPeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
'Twas for me the Christ of God shed on Calvary His bloodP. P. B. (Author)3
'Twas in the days of careless youthPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)12
'Twas Jesus, my Savior, who died on the tree Peter P. Bilhorn (Author)1
We are coming to thee for help, O LordPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
We are little children, servants of the LordP. P. B. (Author)2
We are little sunbeams shining brightP. P. B. (Author)3
We are marching along with our banner and with songPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
We know not how soon his return will bePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
We're a happy Christian band, MarchingPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
What a compassionate Savior is hePeter Philip Bilhorn (Author)2
What are you doing for Jesus? Have you been gleaning todayP. P. Bilhorn (Author)2
What can wash away my guilty stainPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
What will you now do with JesusPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)5
When days are dull and dreary along life's winding roadP. P. B. (Author)English2
When I awake in the morning lightP. P. B. (Author)2
When I hear the grand old story, often told and sung beforeP. P. B. (Author)English9
When I recall the love that Jesus had for mePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
When I was drifting out upon the seaP. P. B. (Author)English4
When my Savior I shall seePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)24
When my soul is sore distressedPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
When on the cross the Savior died, Then He remembered meP. P. B. (Author)English1
When the power fell on meP. P. B. (Author)English2
When weary and fainting and ready to dieP. B. (Author)English6
When you are weary and burdened with careP. P. B. (Author)3
Wheresoever we may go In this world of sin and woePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)3
While the shepherds watched their flock of sheepPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Who is tenderly calling you homePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Why not help somebody alongP. P. Bilhorn (Author)2
Why, O why need I ever fear, with my Savior and Lord so nearPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1
Will you meet me in the homeland when life's race is runP. P. B. (Author)English2
Wondrous gift, of God to earthP. P. Bilhorn (Author)3
Ya viene a mi alma un sonPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)Spanish2
Ye shall be baptized with the Holy GhostP. P. Bilhorn (Author)English2
You have heard the gospel messagePeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English8
You will find him if you trust himPeter P. Bilhorn (Author)English1

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