William Bennett

Short Name: William Bennett
Full Name: Bennett, William

Probably lived 1770-1870. Author of "O Savior of sinners, when faint and depressed" c. 1790

Dianne Shapiro

Texts by William Bennett (11)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Dein, Herr, für ewig!William Bennett (Author)German1
Hear the voice of Jesus calling, "Come unto me"W. Bennett (Author)English1
Jesus loves a little child, Smiling in its infant gleeW. Bennett (Author)English1
More of earnest work for JesusW. Bennett (Author)English1
O come to the fountain of mercy and loveWilliam Bennett (Author)English1
O Savior of sinners, when faint and depressedWilliam Bennett (Author)English2
On to the conflict, soldiers for the rightW. Bennett (Author)English1
Streiter Christi, hebt die FahneWilliam Bennett (Author)German2
The blessed gates of gospel graceWilliam Bennett (Author)English1
Thine, Lord, forever, Purchased by blood divineWilliam Bennett (Author)English2
Ye that love the name of JesusW. Bennett (Author)English1
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