Sanford Fillmore Bennett

Sanford Fillmore Bennett
Short Name: Sanford Fillmore Bennett
Full Name: Bennett, Sanford Fillmore, 1836-1898
Birth Year: 1836
Death Year: 1898

Sanford Fillmore Bennett was born in Eden, New York, 21 June 1836. He and his parents moved to Plainfield, Illinois when he was two years old. He worked on the farm and attended district school during the winter. He was a voracious reader. At sixteen he entered Waukegon Academy. Two years later he began teaching at Wauconda. In 1858 he entered the University of Michigan, Afterward he had charge of the schools in Richmond, Illinois. Two years later he resigned and became Associate Editor of the Independent at Elkhorn, Wisconsin. In 1864 he enlisted in the Wisconsin Volunteers and served as Second Lieutenant. After the war he returned to Elkhorn and opened a drug store and began the study of medicine. He graduated from Rush Medical College in 1874.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Sanford Fillmore Bennett (44)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
لي مقام بهيج سناSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)Arabic1
Above the stars is restSanford F. Bennett (Author)2
Adda ingget raniag a dagaS. Fillmore Bennet (Author)Tagalog2
Ao ny lanitra tsara tokoaS. F. Bennett (Author)Malagasy2
Be Thou my Guide, I cannot clearly seeSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)English2
Care for us little onesSanford F. Bennett (Author)3
Drücken dich Kummer und SorgenSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)German3
Draw near, O ComforterDr. S. Fillmore Bennett (Author)English5
Es blüht uns ein herrliches LandSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)German1
Es erglänzt uns von ferne ein LandSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)German14
Eu avisto um Lar Mui FelizSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)Portuguese2
Hail, gracious morn whose lightSanford F. Bennett (Author)English5
Hay un mundo feliz más alláSanford Fillmore Bennett (1836-1898) (Author)Spanish7
He loves me too, O blessedSanford F. Bennett (Author)3
Hearts that are burdened with sorrowSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)English2
Herz, o mein Herz, lass' das SorgenSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)German2
How oft this heart of mineDr. S. Fillmore Bennett (Author)English3
Hvilket Land, ret som Lyset saa klartSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)2
I am coming to Jesus for rest, Rest such as the purified knowSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)English4
I love my precious Savior, For He has died for meSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)English2
I stand on memory's golden shoreSanford F. Bennett (Author)English2
I was hungry and lameSanford Fillmore Benett (Author)2
In Bethlehem was Jesus bornSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)English2
In the sweet by and by, We shall meet on that beautiful shore (Chorus)Sanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)English1
Издали нам сияет страна (Izdali nam siyayet strana)Sanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)Russian2
Listen to the ripple, rippleDr. S. Fillmore Bennett (Author)English2
O how happy we shall be (Bennett)Sanford F. Bennett (Author)4
O, mamiratra fatratra erySanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)Malagasy2
Pecador, ven al dulce Jesús, Y feliz para siempre serásS. F. Bennett (Author)Spanish2
Sing we a song of the SaviorDr. S. Fillmore Bennett (Author)English9
Sit down by my side as of oldSanford F. Bennett (Author)2
Sweet is the rest that waits on yonderSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)3
The bells ring out, this Christmas mornSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)2
There shall dawn a glorious morningS. Fillmore Bennett (Author)English6
There's a land that is fairer than day, And by faith we can see it afarS. F. Bennett (Author)English593
Till det härliga land ovan skynSanford F. Bennett (Author)Swedish7
Tsemo'onatamano'ė ho'eSanford F. Bennett (Author)Cheyenne2
Unser wartet ein Land reinster Freud'Sanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)German1
V’e’ una patria piu’ bella del soleSanford F. Bennett (Author)Italian2
We shall meet in heavenSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)2
We sing the song of JesusSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)4
When the red flame of war was alight in the landSanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)English2
When will the sweet tomorrowSanford F. Bennett (Author)3
有一地比正午更光明 (Yǒuyī dì bǐ zhèngwǔ gèng guāngmíng)Sanford Fillmore Bennett (Author)Chinese2

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