Birdie Bell

Birdie Bell
Short Name: Birdie Bell
Full Name: Bell, Birdie

C. Louise Bell, also known a Birdie Bell, was born, raised and lived in New York city. She began writing hymns when she was sixteen years old. She is the author of more than 500 hymns, 200 religious poems, and 200 Christmas and Easter lyrics, as well as short stories, and articles. She wrote under the name of Birdie Bell, which is what her family called her.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Birdie Bell (280)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
هل تعبت جدا دونما معينBirdie Bell (Author)Arabic1
A bird that has roamed far away from its nestBiride Bell (Author)English6
A day of kind remembranceC. Louise Bell (Author)2
A home with Christ the MasterBirdie Bell (Author)3
A life of lowly service may seem but small to theeBirdie Bell (Author)English2
A loving hand is leading meBirdie Bell (Author)2
A song of joy to all the earthBirdie Bell (Author)3
A sower was ending his homeward wayBirdie Bell (Author)3
A wondrous song is in the airBirdie Bell (Author)English2
All along life's rugged highwayBirdie Bell (Author)2
All who are weary, sad and oppressedR. F. R. Bell (Author)English6
Although the road is roughBirdie Bell (Author)2
Although you stumble in the wayBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Are you helping somewhereR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Are you looking up for guidanceR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Are you ready to start for home, brother?Birdie Bell (Author)English3
Are you treading in the footstepsR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Art thou sitting by the waysideBirdie Bell (Author)4
As I go along with Jesus, I'm singingR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
As you walk along life's wayBirdie Bell (Author)2
Battle-fought, go forth to the conflictBirdie Bell (Author)5
Battling for the rightR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Be on the bright side, that is the right sideBirdie Bell (Author)2
Beauteous shelterlandR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Beauteous star once brightly beamingR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Beautiful anthem the first Christmas wakenedBirdie Bell (Author)3
Beautiful birds of the wildwood, Teach me the song thatC. Louise Bell (Author)3
Because it is true, I am telling to othersBirdie Bell (Author)2
Blest Eden land, haven of peaceBirdie Bell (Author)2
Bowed beneath your burden, is there none to shareR. F. R. Bell (Author)English30
Brighten the pathR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Brooks are gaily dancingR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Busy little gleaners we Toiling on, toiling onR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Can he count on youC. Louise Bell (Author)3
Cares may beset meC. Louise Bell (Author)2
Carol the song of Jesus' birthBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Carry the sunshine wherever you goR. F. R. Bell (Author)4
Children heard the callR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Christ is beside theeC. Louise Bell (Author)3
Christ our ShepherdBirdie Bell (Author)2
Christmas bells shine sweetlyBirdie Bell (Author)2
Cling to Christ forever, Though the storms are wildR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Clouds may darken the fairest skyR. F. R. Bell (Author)6
Come back, my sheep far from me strayingBirdie Bell (Author)3
Come to the Christ who loves theeBirdie Bell (Author)2
Come to the Christ who will turnR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Conquer the world by kindnessBirdie Bell (Author)English4
Countless are his merciesBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Darkness broods over vale and hillBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Day dawn of gladnessBirdie Bell (Author)3
Dear Savior, as we come todayR. F. R. Bell (Author)English4
Do not chase away the sunbeamsBirdie Bell (Author)English4
Do you know that Christ is listening?Birdie Bell (Author)English2
Do you often grow discouraged As you climb the upward wayBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Does the gospel sunshineBirdie Bell (Author)2
Duties all around you, waitingBirdie Bell (Author)3
Even as a bird on fluttering wingBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Every day we need itBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Faith saw a realm these eyes can never seeBirdie Bell (Author)4
Faithful is the one who leads the wayBirdie Bell (Author)2
Fill us with the sunshine of thy love todayBirdie Bell (Author)2
Flash out the light to the souls that repineBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Fly your colors, lift the standardC. Louise Bell (Author)English3
Fragrant Easter liliesC. Louise Bell (Author)2
Gently through thy pastures guideBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Gleam on in splendorBirdie Bell (Author)2
Go forth, go forth, the truth proclaimR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Go with the message of light divineBirdie Bell (Author)3
God hath a beautiful book on highBirdie Bell (Author)English2
God is good, O come with adorationBirdie Bell (Author)2
God of love, from aboveC. Louise Bell (Author)2
God's promises hold! Like an anchor unfailingBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Hail the morning brightR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Halting on the borderlandBirdie Bell (Author)2
Happy in Jesus the whole day throughBirdie Bell (Author)English3
Hark, the sound of bitter weepingR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Harvest fields are waiting, White the waving grainBirdie Bell (Author)5
Have faith, just trust him all the wayBirdie Bell (Author)2
Have you been seeking a Friend that's kindBirdie Bell (Author)English4
Have you left the Shepherd's careR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Have you spent the day with JesusR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
He loves me! let me trust His careBirdie Bell (Author)English2
He says so! I believe it!C. Louise Bell (Author)2
Heart of mine I pray theeBirdie Bell (Author)2
Here's a fountain pure and holyR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
How is your lamp, is it trimmedR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
I do not know why shadows fallBirdie Bell (Author)2
I have felt his guiding hand all the wayBirdie Bell (Author)4
I heard a voice, ‘twas low and sweetC. Louise Bell (Author)English2
I own a priceless treasure, 'tis precious to my heartBirdie Bell (Author)3
I shrink not from thoughts of the futureR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
I turn it over to JesusR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
I will lift up mine eyes (Bell)Birdie Bell (Author)2
I would seek a Land in a far-off climeBirdie Bell (Author)2
I'll sing the matchless story of ChristR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
I'm on my journey homewardR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
I'm standing on the Rock of AgesR. F. R. Bell (Author)7
In Egypt long I lingeredBirdie Bell (Author)2
In the lands of darkness, far across the seaBirdie Bell (Author)English3
In the morning of life we would serve theeBirdie Bell (Author)4
In the shadow of his handR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Is the battle fierce and longR. F. R. Bell (Author)4
Jesus did it on the crossBirdie Bell (Author)2
Jesus geht heute vorbei, mein FreundMiss Birdie Bell (Author)German2
Jesus goes before you all alongBirdie Bell (Author)2
Jesus is passing this way, my friendBirdie Bell (Author)4
Jesus is with us at all timesBirdie Bell (Author)2
Jesus, my Shepherd, save byBirdie Bell (Author)2
Jesus of Nazareth passed my wayBirdie Bell (Author)4
Jesus on the stormy seaBirdie Bell (Author)2
Jewels of light for the crown of the MasterBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Journeying with Jesus, in His chosen wayBirdie Bell (Author)2
Just a beam of sunlightR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Just one touch as He moves alongBirdie Bell (Author)English53
Just tell it to Jesus, when burdens oppressC. Louise Bell (Author)2
Just to believe that the Lord will receiveBirdie Bell (Author)4
Keep a smile in your heartBirdie Bell (Author)2
Keep close to me for dangersR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Keep looking up, and tread the path before theeBirdie Bell (Author)3
Lead us, O Shepherd, each step of the wayBirdie Bell (Author)3
Lead us, O star, as weBirdie Bell (Author)2
Let Him come near to theeBirdie Bell (Author)2
Life is a warfare! go forth to the battleBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Life's burdens are manyBirdie Bell (Author)2
List to the bells, bright, beautiful bellsMiss Birdie Bell (Author)English2
Live in the sunshineBirdie Bell (Author)2
Look on the bright side turnR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Look up when shadows gather nearR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Lord, we come to seek Thy faceBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Losing the sorrow which swept o'er my soulBirdie Bell (Author)2
Many are longing thy message to hearBirdie Bell (Author)5
Many are seeking a helperR. F. R. Bell (Author)English3
Many on life's pathway murmur and complainBirdie Bell (Author)English4
May the Lord in love and mercyBirdie Bell (Author)2
More of thy sunshine in my heart, More of thy love to me impartBirdie Bell (Author)6
My boat is so small and Thy ocean so wide!Birdie Bell (Author)English2
My Father has a storehouseR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Nature is teaching a lessonR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Never a burden of care and woeC. Louise Bell (Author)2
Never mind the darknessBirdie Bell (Author)2
Never slight the task that's givenBirdie Bell (Author)2
No clouds up there, be trustfulR. F. R. Bell (Author)English3
No matter how lowly the service may beR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
No matter if clouds have o'er shadowed the wayC. Louise Bell (Author)2
No place can be desert when Jesus is thereBirdie Bell (Author)English2
No star shines over the restless seasBirdie Bell (Author)English3
Not always in paths that are pleasantBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Not my own, for thou hast bought meBirdie Bell (Author)2
Not the way O blessed Savior it would lead us far from homeBirdie Bell (Author)1
Not the way, we often murmurBirdie Bell (Author)3
O beautiful palace up yonder!Birdie Bell (Author)English6
O blessed hereafter, for thee do we longR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
O bring them to Jesus! the wayward the wearyR. F. R. Bell (Author)English3
O haste to the RockR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
O Jesus is the dearest friendBirdie Bell (Author)2
O night of wonder! night of peace!C. Louise Bell (Author)English2
O pilgrim are you wearyBirdie Bell (Author)English2
O precious blood, all-cleansing streamBirdie Bell (Author)2
O precious Book! upon thy leavesBirdie Bell (Author)English2
O precious legacy that Jesus left Birdie Bell (Author)2
O Shepherd, abide in thy heavenly foldBirdie Bel (Author)2
O soul, thou hast wandered afar from thy LordC. Louise Bell (Author)2
O there are sheep within the desertR. F. R. Bell (Author)4
O we clasp the hand in gladnessR. F. R. Bell (Author)4
O weary years of wanderingBirdie Bell (Author)2
Oft we learn the sweetest lessonBirdie Bell (Author)2
Old Glory! we love thee, The light of each starC. Louise Bell (Author)English2
Once over the hills of JudahR. F. R. Bell (Author)English4
Only one story which never grows oldR. F. R. Bell (Author)English7
Our barks may be launched on life's voyageBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Over and over I seem to hearBirdie Bell (Author)4
Over the ocean there come earnest criesR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Over the town of BethlehemR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Pass it by, the lookR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Pilgrim, travel stained and wearyBirdie Bell (Author)English4
Pilgrim, whither journey youBirdie Bell (Author)3
Press on dear traveler press thou onMrs. J. H. Bell (Author)English6
Ring it out in gladdness, bells of EastertideBirdie Bell (Author)5
Ring out, O bells, right merrilyR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Search for the wandering sheep of the foldR. F. R. Bell (Author)6
Send salvation's message to the lands afarBirdie Bell (Author)English4
Side by side we travelR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Sin has dimmed your visionBirdie Bell (Author)2
Sing a song of praise to the Saviour's nameBirdie Bell (Author)English2
Sing as you journey, gladden the wayBirdie Bell (Author)2
Sing at your work and be cheeryR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Sing for joy! sing for joy! sing for joy!Birdie Bell (Author)English2
Sing when days are drearyR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Softly falling, hear the messageR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Softly the Christmas starR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Soldiers are needed, is your name enrolledR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Sometimes the sun hides itselfR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Soul, art thou weary because of the journey?R. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Speak to every weary heartR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Step by step and day by day, Traveling on life's pilgrim wayR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
Sweetly and softly on my earR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Teach our hands to do thy bidingBirdie Bell (Author)2
Tell it, O tell it to somebodyR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Tell me the old, old story, Tell it, for 'tis always new R. F. R. Bell (Author)7
Tell the gospel story everywhere you goBirdie Bell (Author)English3
Tell what Jesus does for youBirdie Bell (Author)English4
The Bible is mineR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
The burden I bear may bend me lowBirdie Bell (Author)2
The day of hopeBirdie Bell (Author)2
The desert, drear, and lonelyBirdie Bell (Author)2
The higher life for this I prayBirdie Bell (Author)2
The journey of life is before theeBirdie Bell (Author)2
The joy of acquaintance with JesusR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
The Master is calling for workers (Bell)R. F. R. Bell (Author)2
The Master's voice is calling (Bell)Birdie Bell (Author)2
The Shepherd is seeking His wandering sheepR. F. R. Bell (Author)English7
The sun is ever shiningR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
The Word of God is shiningBirdie Bell (Author)2
The world has need of singersR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
The world needs Jesus! The sick and sadBirdie Bell (Author)2
There are many joys to cheer me as I journey day by dayBirdie Bell (Author)English2
There is a gift of wondrous priceBirdie Bell (Author)3
There is light at the end of the journeyBirdie Bell (Author)2
There is only one way to the kingdom of GodR. F. R. Bell (Author)6
There was room at the cross for a sinner like meBirdie Bell (Author)English2
There'll be singing and rejoicing in the land beyond the sightBirdie Bell (Author)2
There's a beautiful robe that waits on highR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
There's a blessed book that's given for the saving of mankindBirdie Bell (Author)3
There's a blessed story all should hearC. Louise Bell (Author)4
There's a happy songBirdie Bell (Author)2
There's a work that's waiting for your handsBirdie Bell (Author)2
There's sunlight on the mountain, a flood of gloryBirdie Bell (Author)2
Though shadows fall across my wayR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Though the storms of life were ragingBirdie Bell (Author)2
Though 'tis hard to part from a friend that's dearBirdie Bell (Author)2
'Tis a message sweetBirdie Bell (Author)2
'Tis a weary wayR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
'Tis by this signR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
'Tis easy to fret over troublesBirdie Bell (Author)2
To all who have in Christ believedBirdie Bell (Author)2
To daily walk by faith, not sightR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Tossing on life's fitful seaR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Traveling the path to Canaan's landR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Turn away from earth's allurementsBirdie Bell (Author)3
Twilight shadows gather round usBirdie Bell (Author)English3
Walk in the sunlight with JesusBirdie Bell (Author)2
Walking in the sunlight, on I go each dayR. F. R. Bell (Author)English6
We are heralds of a great and free salvationBirdie Bell (Author)2
We are Jesus' little pilgrimsBirdie Bell (Author)2
We are Jesus' little soldiersBirdie Bell (Author)2
We are lambs of the fold, Through the green fields we goBirdie Bell (Author)English2
We are pupils in life's schoolBirdie Bell (Author)2
We are soldiers in the army of the heavenly KingR. F. R. Bell (Author)3
We are strangers and sojourners traveling to the better landBirdie Bell (Author)English3
We are traveling the pathway to heavenBirdie Bell (Author)3
We come, heavenly FatherBirdie Bell (Author)2
We gathered with songs of rejoicingC. Louise Bell (Author)English2
We march along with battle songBirdie Bell (Author)2
We're going to a country where everything is newBirdie Bell (Author)2
What are the birdies singingBirdie Bell (Author)2
What is heaven, a gloriousBirdie Bell (Author)2
What of the journey, pilgrimR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
What we need in this world is JesusR. F. R. Bell (Author)English4
What's thy mission, O my brotherBirdie Bell (Author)English2
When heart and brainBirdie Bell (Author)2
When my heart is aching, wearyBirdie Bell (Author)2
When the feet are bruisedR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
When the old church bell that we love so wellBirdie Bell (Author)11
When the turbulent waves in their fury dash highBirdie Bell (Author)English2
When the weary march is over we shall find the promised restBirdie Bell (Author)English2
When you come to snares and pitfallsBirdie Bell (Author)2
Whene'er my heart grows heavyBirdie Bell (Author)2
Where do I meet my SaviorBirdie Bell (Author)2
Where the darkness gathersBirdie Bell (Author)English3
Whosoever will may comeBirdie Bell (Author)2
Why in thy bondage wilt thou stayBirdie Bell (Author)English8
With long lost friends we'll meetBirdie Bell (Author)2
Work in my vineyard the morning is brightBirdie Bell (Author)English3
Would you have your life transfiguredR. F. R. Bell (Author)2
Writing a book as the days go byBirdie Bell (Author)4
Yonder in heathen lands many are waitingBirdie Bell (Author)2
You and I can help anotherBirdie Bell (Author)2
You need to be washed in the bloodBirdie Bell (Author)2
You will find the peace which you often craveBirdie Bell (Author)2
只一摸,當主正經過 (Zhǐ yī mō, dāng zhǔ zhèng jīngguò)Birdie Bell (Author)Chinese2
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