Adaline Hohf Beery

Adaline Hohf Beery
Short Name: Adaline Hohf Beery
Full Name: Beery, Adaline Hohf, 1859-1929
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1929

Adaline H. Beery was born on De­cem­ber 20, 1859 in Han­o­ver, Penn­syl­van­ia. Ad­a­line’s fam­i­ly moved to Io­wa when she was 10 years old. She at­tend­ed Mount Mor­ris Col­lege Acad­e­my, Mount Mor­ris, Il­li­nois and for while taught in Io­wa pub­lic schools. Ad­a­line wrote hun­dreds of po­ems, ma­ny of which ap­peared in Breth­ren pe­ri­od­i­cals and in the 1897 Po­ems of a De­cade. She died on Feb­ru­ary 24, 1929, Kane, Il­li­nois.

NN, Hymnary editor. Source: Cyber Hymnal

Texts by Adaline Hohf Beery (89)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Abide with me, my Savior dearAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
Bless Jehovah, O my soul, praiseAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
Bountiful Giver of goodnessAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
Come, gather, all tribes and all nationsAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
Come to the Master of the feastAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Do you purpose in your heart to be good and trueAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Draw me, Jesus, close to theeAdaline H. Beery (Author)4
Father, in thy golden kingdomAdaline Hohf (Author)3
Father, we would think on theeAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
God of might, truth and rightAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
God sends the sunshine and the rainAdaline Hohf (Author)4
Hail, blessed Trinity, low here we bowAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
Happy are the birds and flowersAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
Happy the sons of our landAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English2
Hark, from every villageAdaline H. Beery (Author)English2
Have you heard the master's call Sounding clear, sounding clearAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Hear the voice of the Master proclaiming to allAdaline H. Beery (Author)4
Here we come, with songs of gladnessAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
I come to taste my Father's graceAdaline H. Beery (Author)English2
I learned a precious secretAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English2
I long had been wanderingAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
I'll praise thee, Lord for lengthAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
I'll sing of the Savior who came to my soulMrs. Adaline H. Beery (Author)2
In all my thoughts, in all my waysAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)4
In the days long agoAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
In the Lord's good promises my heart is gladAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
I've read of mansions in the skiesAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English2
Jesus, precious Friend and SaviorAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Jesus, royal, heavenly FriendAdaline H. Beery (Author)English5
Jesus stands and offers comfortAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Leave all to him, O troubled soulAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Let your face be like the daybreakAdaline H. Beery (Author)7
Lift up Immanuel's bannerAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Lo! a gleam from yonder heavenAdaline H. Beery (Author)English6
Lo what song breaks on the morningAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
O angel with mission of healingAdaline H. Beery (Author)English3
O blessed place where angels dwellAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English2
O bring your best songs to our SaviorAdaline Hohf (Author)2
O bringet vom Lichtquell herniederAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)German1
O fair was the vision that flooded my soulAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
O hark, what sounds are floatingAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
O mansions of beauty in heavenAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
O mourn not for friends who have reached the bright shoreAdaline Hohf (Author)4
O soul in the shadow of sinAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
O Spirit holy, flame divineAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
O sweet was the song as it rang through the skyAdaline H. Beery (Author)English2
O the dear love of a Savior and KingAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English3
O thou sacred book, may thy light divineAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
Onward, happy childrenAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Onward to the conflict, soldiers of the KingAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
Open your heart, brotherAdaline H. Beery (Author)4
Out in the wild, where the sharp brambles growAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English3
Quickly and joyfully gather we nowAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Rally, Christian workers, lift the standard highAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Rally to our standard, those who love the rightAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
Rows of cheerful facesAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)1
See, the morn is brightening in the eastern skyAdaline H. Beery (Author)19
Some day among the whiterobed throngAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Standing on the great King's highwayAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Tell me the story of Jesus over and over againAdaline H. Beery (Author)4
Tell of the love of our Savior and KingAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
The sun will pale before himAdaline H. Beery (Author)English3
There's a song of gladness in my heart today (Beery)Adaline H. Beery (Author)2
There's a Stranger standsAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
They tell me that showers of blessingAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Through the world we're travelingAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Up, my brother, duty calls youAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Upon a gloomy hilltop, there fellAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Upon this holy Sabbath dayMrs. Adaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
We are happy little children, angels watch us every dayAdaline H. Beery (Author)English3
We are little travelers Through the worldAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
We can sing of Christ the LordMrs. Adaline Hohf Beery (Author)3
We come to thee, O Holy ChristAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
We come to worship thee, O holy oneAdaline H. Beery (Author)6
We come with banners wavingAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
We have come to sing the praiseAdaline H. Beery (Author)5
We sing of Christ our SaviorAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
We'll sing a pleasant song for our Children's DayAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
We're a band of happy children, In a world of sinMrs. Adaline H. Beery (Author)5
We're a temperance legion marching onAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English3
We're coming to work for the MasterAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
We're marching with banners all waving and brightAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
When Jesus passed the figtreeAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
When Jesus, Prince of ParadiseAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English2
When Jesus was asked by his servants one dayAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)English7
When my Savior speaks to meAdaline H. Beery (Author)3
When weary walking the highway of lifeAdaline H. Beery (Author)2
Why do you tarry, O sinnerAdaline Hohf Beery (Author)2
Why will you struggle, dear brotherAdaline H. Beery (Author)4
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