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Yesterday I found a CD sitting on a trash can in downtown Seattle. It's entitled Home: a cappella Gospel Singing by the Eshes, “In loving memory of the nine members of the John Esh family who died in a tragic accident on March 26, 2010?. For reasons I detailed on my hymnblog, this was a particularly cathartic find for me, particularly on this day. One of the songs, "Daddy, will you be there for me?" spoke to me particularly on the 42nd anniversary of my own bereavement. Here are the lyrics as I transcribed them from the recording.

Daddy, will you be there for me when I wake up in the night
When I cannot close my eyes and sleep, will you rock me, hold me tight?
Will you drive my tractor on the floor, pitch my balls and push my swing?
May I come to you with broken toys, will you mend my broken things?
Will you be there, will you love my mommy, hug me every day,
O Daddy, Daddy, will you be home at night, teach me how pray?

When you come home from your work at night, daddy, then I want you near,
There are problems that are big to me, will stop and give your ear?
I don't care if you are rich or poor, I just want to have your heart,
I just want to know that you're my friend, I will try to do my part.
Will you be there when I have a problem and I need to share,
O Daddy, Daddy, will you be there for me, will you really care?

Daddy, will you be there for me when I need some one to care,
When I face this life's complexities and I'm ready to despair?
Am I more to you than anything? Do you love me? I'm your child!
May I come to you with broken dreams when I'm broken and defiled?
Will you be there, will you guide me, will you help me to forgive,
O Daddy, Daddy, will you be there for me, teach me how to live?

Daddy will you be there for me when I face my setting sun,
When I stand before the judgment seat will I hear those words, "Well done"?
Will you have taught me right from wrong, will your teaching stand the test,
Will I enter into heaven's land with my Lord forever blest?
I'm depending on you, Daddy, and I hope you understand,
O Daddy, Daddy, you are my gift from God, take me, hold my hand!

The author is listed as Michael Overholt, and apparently he is a close friend of the Esh family. I am interested in contacting him or anyone connected with this CD. Neither he nor John or Amos Esh is (yet) listed in the Hymnary database, and Google yields precious little beyond obituary notices (apparently it was a huge funeral, with more than 3,000 in attendance). Any assistance in locating these folks will be greatly appreciated.



I just found this forum. Perhaps you have already found the information you want. I don't know this family personally, but I did hear of the accident just after it happened and followed the story. There is a web site dedicated to the family - http://www.eshfamily.org/ - that has a contact number under the "Music" tab. If you Google "John Esh family" it will bring up numerous news articles of the accident. And if you go to whitepages.com there is a "Amos Esh" in Burkesville, KY who I think is the one who wrote "Home" - the song that plays on their website. Hope this helps, and may God give you grace in your journey.

I also picked up that same CD.
We were on our way back from Baltimore to Detroit and the Penn Turnpike was suddenly shut down. So we spent the night in a small town in PA. The motel had some free tracts and a CD from the local Mennonite congregation. I took the CD and listened to it on the way home. It was beautiful as you know. My daughter wanted it, so I gave it to her. The song you mention was also the one that touched me the most because we had lost our son a few months before.

I went to their website and ordered all the Esh family CD's, which are all beautiful.

The CD's give this as contact info:
Esh Family
9064 Glasgow Road
Burkesville, KY 42717
-Steve Miller

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