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I just edited the meter of CHALVEY to read instead of, as in the three instances I've seen it is clearly S.M.D. rather than S.M. (Two of those instances are the page images from the 1895 Presbyterian Hymnal that are listed on the CHALVEY page in; the third is #242 in the 1963 Sgaw Karen hymnal.) Incidentally, the Karen hymnal gives the composer as "L.G. HYNES 1836-1883" (rather than "HAYNE" as in

In the Sgaw Karen hymnal the associated text is a five-stanza translation (translated by Mrs. C. H. Vinton, the Catherine Winkworth of Karen hymnody ;-) ) of "Come, we that love the Lord"; the hymnal also contains a version of "Marching to Zion" (#252) (also translated by Mrs. C. H. Vinton, and set to Lowry's tune) in which the first stanza is identical to the first half of the first stanza of the version set to CHALVEY, the second stanza is identical to the first half of CHALVEY's second stanza, and the third and fourth stanzas are the same as the entire fifth stanza of CHALVEY. I look forward to the day when I can fill in the gaps. ;-)


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