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[spam deleted]


while I appreciate the trust placed in me as an editor, I can't see how to exercise my power to expunge spam posts. Where do I go to do so, and what do I click on? I can see how to delete response comments, but not how to delete the initial post, which in both this case and that of the preceding thread "JEFFREY" is 100% spam.


Ah, you may not have permission to delete posts, just comments. We'll have to look into either adding a spam flag or modifying permissions.


Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

Yeah, it seems odd that I should have the power and "permission" to delete perfectly innocuous comments of yours, Harry, even if they are completely topical and even if you or a third party started the thread in which they occur, yet I can't (though perhaps I "may") delete a blatantly improper spam posting.

Maybe newbies' posts ought to be subject to moderation before they appear in the forums.

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