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I noticed that if you click on the TUNES tab above, resulting in "Tunes > Browse", there's a clickable list of letters of the alphabet with an odd, extraneous-looking "8" preceding "A". I clicked on it and found there was a "tune name" (sic) called "8s, 7s & 4s". When I clicked on this I was told there were no media files associated with this tune and I should check "all" in the refine search thingie to find media files.

I deleted the tune named "8s, 7s & 4s", successfully, but I have not figured out how to delete the "8" (and the "s" that appears one line down, if you click on the "8"). These really shouldn't be there, surely. How can I get them to stop being there?


PS I also edited the title "A anil in his hand" to read "A nail in his hand", even though I actually don't know that this is correct.



In order to make searching and browsing fast, we had to
create cache tables in the database that are updated every
night. The browse lists will automatically update
themselves tonight.

I think changing anil to nail, or
any chang that has something like
a 99% chance of being an improvement,
is fine for an unlocked hymnal.
Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

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