I. P. Cole oddities

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I was searching for I. P. Cole in an effort to determine whether the tune called CHELMSFORD or MELODY by him was the same as the tune MELODY apparently by Aaron Chapin. I found two oddities in the way he is treated:

1. When I search for him, I get a notification that the is the composer of MELODY in the SDA Hymn and Tune Book. This is true, at least for the 1886 SDA hymnal, but when I go to the person page, that information is not visible anywhere, nor is any other. And it's not just the SDA that ascribes this tune to Cole; at least a couple of brands of Methodists have made the same (mis?)attribution. 

2. When I follow the link to MELODY, the gallery of page scans includes four identical scans of the same page in the aforesaid SDA hymnal. A very odd glitch. I don't understand it.


When you go to a person page, the default tab is Texts. Since I. P. Cole did not write any texts, nothing will be listed, but if you click on the Tunes tab you will find MELODY (Chapin) and that 17 instances are attributed to him. The SDA hymnal uses the tune MELODY for four texts which are on the same page. There is a page scan for each separate text. The 1902 "Hymn and Tune Book for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South" has the score on 3 different pages with 8 different texts, so there are 3 pages from this hymnal that do not look identical.

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