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How can I search the forums at  The only search operation I've been able to find is "Search the entire Hymnary" which, despite its name, does not appear to search the forums.  If there isn't a way to search the forums, could it be added?  I'd love to be able to find out, for example, if anyone had already asked how to search the forums, before asking the question myself.



I recently search the Hymnary for the tune "Sacred Throne", and the link in the search results took me to the page for "Martyrdom".  I was briefly confused until I remembered that the tune was known by these two names.  I did not know that the tune has also been dubbed "Avon", which prompted me to look for a list of names for the tune, but I could find no such list on the Tune Authority page; indeed, the page does not contain the phrase "sacred throne".  Clearly the database knows about the alternate names, so why can't the tune page list them?  I would find this very useful.

-- Ed


Oops!  That was supposed to be a new topic.


Looking forward to Dianne or somebody's reply.

Looking forward to Dianne or somebody's reply.

For now, you can use something like Google with "" We will look into adding a search feature in January.

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