Glory to God the Angels Sing

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I can't find text or music for this hymn.  I found a paper copy of the text alone, but would like to confirm accuracy of the text.

I have access to two verses and a refrain.  On YouTube there is one recording which does not start at the beginning of the first verse, and excludes the second verse after the refrain.

According to, the author was Beatrice W. Sutherland, and it was only published in one hymnal:

The Junior Choir No.4 (published in 1923 by Lorenz Pub. Co. of New York.  The editor is listed as I. B. Wilson.

The first line of the hymn is, "Low in a humble manger, Little Lord Jesus lay,"

 and the Refrain begins:  Glory to God, the angels sing, / Praises to Christ, the newborn King, /

Peace be on earth, goodwill to men, /Hear we the angels sing again... "

Can anyone help me with finding more info. on this hymn?  A basic SATB rendering of the music in standard musical notation would be helpful.And, as I've said before, I would like to confirm the accuracy of the lyrics I've found.  Is it possible that the lyrics and / or the tune may be public domain, if it goes back to 1923 and was only ever published in one hymnal?  I'm looking for answers, and accurate documentation information.  Thank you in advance for any help in this matter.



WorldCat lists only one library claiming to own a copy of the book in question, and it's at Prairie College in Alberta.

I would suggest calling the college library to ascertain

a) whether they actually have the book where they can touch it (sometimes 90+-year-old library catalogs don't reflect the reality in the stacks!), and if so,

b) whether they would be willing to scan or photocopy the song in question and send you (email if possible) the scan, or failing that,

c) could you maybe borrow it from your local library aa an InterLibrary Loa? (If c, then please scan the whole book!)

If you manage to get it, send me the scan(s) and I'll work on getting them into the database.

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