Bug(s) on hymnal LDS1919?

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I uploaded a page spreadsheet and page scans for this hymnal and associated the pages with the instances. However, there are a few problems, which might all be related:

  • the new cover (included in the scans ZIP file) isn't showing
  • the landing page for the hymnal isn't changing to reflect the new information.
  • none of the text authorities are registering the new instances from this hymnal
  • none of the tune information I uploaded is showing, and when I go to edit an instance tune individually (for example, here) I'm met with a "Page Not Found"

I have backups of everything I uploaded, and there's nothing currently up worth keeping. Should I just delete the hymnal and start fresh?


The cover image is added separtely under "Edit this Hymnal." I download the cover image from Internet Archive and upload it under "Cover Image." It looks like there is some tune information if you click on "Add tune" from the instance. If there is no tune title on the spreadsheet it looks like there is no tune information. Since the hymnal does not have tune names, the first line should be in brackets. An easy way to do this is to click on "Auto Fill" under the tune name field. I'm not sure what you mean by the landing page and the text authorites not reflecting the new information. May be you can email me specific questions.

The uploaded spreadsheet had text and tune information in it, as well as authorities for both.

I checked the hymnal about an hour ago, and everything seems fine now. I think what happened was, after you upload a hymnal XML spreadsheet, it locks the hymnal from online editing until the database has finished processing the uploaded file - which apparently takes more than a few minutes. After that, it generates a new main page.

Most of the information in the spreadsheet seems to have transferred, with the exception of the incipits, which may just have been my fault for manually entering spaces to group every 5 digits together.

I tried uploading the cover image the way you described, and it came up with the same “Unknown error“ message as before when I tried uploading the spreqdsheet XML, so I’ll check it tomorrow morning and see if it's fixed itself.

Hate to necro this thread, but I feel like it deserves a conclusion. It was a newbie mistake on my part. Apparently the hymnal page takes a few days to update itself with any new information (that, or it takes a few days for my browser to pull a new version instead of using one cached). Either way, no bugs are present.

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