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I'm working on Joseph Hart's hymns, 1769. One of the hymns has first line "Though strait be the way." You have misinterpreted this as "Though straight be the way," which changes the meaning. "Strait" (as an adjective) means narrow or constrained, whereas "straight" means level or extending in one direction only. Use of the word "strait" by Hart (and others) reflects on Jesus' words in Matthew 7:13-14, where the word "narrow" is used several times, but not "straight". Since straight roads are usually easier (in my experience), Jesus is speaking against the use of "straight" to describe the way!

I would like to change the text authority name to "though_strait_be_the_way", please.


I changed the id to "strait." Three out of four hymnals have "strait" and the hymn does not seem to be used much anymore.

"the hymn does not seem to be used much anymore."

Just for that, I'm going to make a new rendition. :D

For the 21st Century...


Though strait be the way
With troubles at hand,
And in our delay
We've gained no more land,
Our good Guide and Savior
Has helped us this far
And it's by His favor
We are what we are.

A favor so great
We should highly prize,
Not grumble or hate
Make light of, despise...
We make this a small thing!
Sin's whole cancelled sum!
It's greater than all things
Except those to come.

My brethren, reflect
On what we have been
How God resurrected
A people of sin:
When lower and lower
Each day we all fell,
He showed us His power
And snatched us from Hell.

So let us rejoice
And cheerfully sing
With heart and with voice
To Jesus our King.
So far He has brought us
From evil to good.
The ransom that bought us -
His own perfect blood.

For blessings like these
So lavishly given,
For promise of peace,
And foretastes of Heaven,
It's grateful, it's pleasant
To sing and adore.
Give thanks in the present
And humbly seek more.

I built off this hymn even more and created a new song called Laodicea. If anyone is interested, you can listen to it here:

That was very nice!

Thanks for the feedback! I guess it isn't too much like the original hymn, but I did keep elements of it, a few specific lines, and build off the general sentiment of Hart's. I hope it was okay to share the link here...

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