How do I download Flex Present songs/lyrics?

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I am able to view and listen to the Flex Present songs/lyrics but I can not download them.  Where is the option for this?


Right now this is not possible. FlexPresent is part of a larger project, My.Hymnary, which is not ready to go live yet. When it is live, downloading options will be included. We wanted to at least make the presentations available for streaming services.

Is it possible to adjust the tempos of the FlexPresent songs? The tempos seem fast for general participation.

We can adjust tempos if you tell us which specific songs. Email us.

how do I download a png file of a song that I purchased?

how do I download a png file that I purchased>

You purchased a FlexScore. Access the FlexScore by clicking on "FlexScores" on your Hymnary account page after you log in. You should be taken to the Projection FlexScore and it should have a blue banner that says that you have access to it. On the banner are options for PDF or PNG dowloads.

When I click on the first line of S-125 (Proulx), then on the flex play arrow/button, S-113 (the Rite I Merbecke) shows instead.  What am I doing wrong? 

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