Stand up! stand up for Duffield

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I'm reasonably sure the authority should be merged with Not 100% sure, but probably more than 99.44%. If it *is* a different hymn by Driver, that's newsworthy, as according to his person authority Driver was only about 9 years old at the time.


For that matter, the temperance parody "Stand up, stand up for temperance" which seemed like it might be the source of this misattribution, well, it was published by the time Driver was 14, so he was either good at taking credit for other people's work, or really amazingly precocious.

In "The Musical Fountain" the first line is "Stand up, stand up for Temperance." The text is more closely a variation of Duffield's text than Driver's version. However, according to Paul Sanders in Lyrics and Borrowed Tunes of the American Temperance Movement (University of Missouri Press, 2006), Duffield's text was adapted to at least fifteen temperance songs, so it is likely that our collection of "Stand up, stand up for Temperance" has many variations. However, for now, I have grouped the songs with the first line "Stand up, stand up for Temperance" together with George Duffield as the author and the note that it has been adapted.

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