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What is the guidance for the resolution of uploaded scans?  I am having a go at scanning a hymnal, which I am chopping up for that purpose.

Also, what file format is preferred?  TIF?

Thanks so much!


We scan at 300 dpi. Depending on your scanner and computer, you could try up to 600 dpi, but it may take longer for the pages to scan or be ready. We prefer PNG, but JPEG and JP2 also would work. TIF works but it does not look as good. On some systems or browsers JP2's go through a conversion process so the images are not available for several hours after uploading into Hymnary.


Also, it's important to have the images correclty aligned, so that staff lines are exactly horizontal, margins are uniform, etc. It may be hard to do this by hand and hand-adjusting images is very time consuming. There may be automatic ways of lining up and adjusting images, but we don't have access to them at this time.

What we usually do is chop the spine off of a hymnal and feed the pages through a scanner with a page feeder. If you don't have a physical or software system for getting images lined up, your process may not end up with images we can use.


I have over 250 pages done so far, flat-bed scanned one-by-one after having carefully cut them from the binding by section.  Below is linked a randomly selected sample.  If it is not good enough, please let me know why.  Thanks.


The random sample looked fine.


Thanks for the guidance.

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