Bless'd with the presence of their God (Cotterill), anyone?

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Looking for an instance, and the text of a Cotterill hymn with this first line that is apparently the source of some confusion over the authorship of "Around Thy Table, Holy Lord" by Mary Bowly Peters in the database. We don't seem to have an instance under that first line. Julian says it was by Cotterill, and two stanzas from it were added to the first stanza of the Peters hymn to form a cento. The database has at least a couple of instances of the cento, omitting mention of Mrs. Peters' authorial involvement.


"Bless'd with the presence of their God" can be found in Cotterill's "A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use" The instances of "Around thy table, holy Lord" credited to Cotterill include the first verse of Peters' "Around the table, holy Lord" and the remaining  2 verses are by Cotterill. This makes it a quite different hymn than the one written by Peters (found in the hymnal "Devotional Hymns"). So, I have kept the versions separate but credited Peters with the authorship of vs. 1

Thanks for that improvement. I think my preference would be for three text authorities.  I'd love to be able to index the Cotterill book, so that the third text authority would have meaning. I went ahead and added an image file of Cotterill's hymn, under Additional Information, to the cento's authority.

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