Please tell Calvin College marketing dept this is not best practices

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It just makes me less eager to donate money. Find some less obtrusive popup that can be clicked away easily, instead of asking if I want it to stop and then not stopping. It's infuriating on some level. I've complained about it in past drives and I'm complaining again.

This stupid popup


The popup relies on cookies to know whether or not the button has been clicked on. It may be that your browser is not set to save cookies or is set ot delete them when the session ends. You may want to add ot your Allow list on your Cookies setting page.

is probably mainly that I do the overwhelming bulk of my Hymnary work on shared (i.e. public library) machines, where I have no power to set or adjust cookie policies. But I don't know why it can remember my password and keep me logged in but can't apply this knowledge to my donor status across the same day's usage. Anyhow, I still wish the appeal wasn't so space-hogging, so I could just go about my work while it dangled in the corner.

So after you are logged in to Hymnary the pop up appears on every page after you click the button that says not to show it again, is that right? Which browser do you use? Do you know which version?

Actually it's not coming up as much as it did even last month, let alone last fall. I think it is now recognizing when I am logged in. I still think it should be possible to design a less obtrusive pop-up, particularly for the benefit of those who aren't "members". It would be a true nightmare if I couldn't log in but wanted to look up more than one thing. Wikipedia has, I think, a less obnoxious pop-up you might model yours on.

Usually on Chrome. Sometimes IE at the library, and sometimes Firefox at home or rarely at the library.

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