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The hymnal Reformation Glory is not fully indexed, but when I try to view any hymn instance data to edit it, I get a "Page Not Found" error.


This hymnal has the page scans added, but no hymn instance data. So the way to edit it is to either upload a spreadsheet of the data, then attach the pages; or, click on "Process this hymnal" which will allow you to add the text instances; then you can go back through and add the tune information. To add the text, type in the first line, then type in the first line in the text authority field and select the appropriate first line, do the same with the author, then click on Submit when you are done with the page. If the hymn carries over onto another page, click on the Continuation button. 

Great, I think that's an improved process since the last time I did one, although I will put in a request for slightly wider fields to allow seeing the whole first line.

Song #3 in the hymnal does not have an authority identifier for the text, and when I try to edit and save I get "Error: The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."

The process is not good at setting up new text authorities, but the first line succeeded in getting entered, so you can edit the text information and add an authority id. Did it give an error everytime there wasn't an authority id, or just for #3? 

It won't let me add an authority id via editing the text information: whether I follow the instructions to "Leave blank to create a new authority record" or type in a new one myself, I get the same error message mentioned above. The error occurs also with #7 in the hymnal (I haven't checked farther than #15 at this point).

I tried this and I am not getting "The website encountered an unexpected error" message. It may have been a glitch when you tried it. I sometimes get this error when I am working on the site, it usually does not happen continually and it sometimes saves the work despite the error. I am getting an error at the top of the page which basically says to click on "submit" again to create a new authority. However, it does not create a new authority, so you will need to go in and create one via the text authority id field on the edit page.

Instead of doing it by editing the text information, couldn't it be added to the spreadsheet and then uploaded?

The blank spreadsheets do not have the authority id columns. The backup spreadsheets that are downloaded from the hymnal do have these columns, however adding new authority ids to the spreadsheets does not create a new authority in the system. The texts remain unconnected, or unpublished. The only way to create a new authority is to do it on the instance edit pages (for people, the "Create new person" needs to be clicked) or to go through the authority resolution process in the editing tools for the hymnal. Both of these methods check for existing authorities.

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