How do identical lines differ?

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Looking at various versions of "Majestic sweetness sits enthron'd upon the Savior's brow", I noticed that these two versions' fourth lines appear identical, yet "Compare texts" says they're entirely different. What's up with that, as they say?


The difference between the text in "Hymns to the Living God" and "Cyber Hymnal" is the apostrophe. In HTLG it is straight and in Cyber it is curly. This Cyber Hymnal text was sucked in via a script and it has ASCII characters in the underlying text. 

makes sense, though I would then expect just the apostrophe on the left to be highlighted, not the whole line plus the final space of the preceding line.

Which hymnals are you comparing?

I obviously don't know how to post a screenshot here. I added it as a media file and tried to insert it, but nothing shows up. Here's its URL:

It's Hymns to the Living God and Lutheran Hymnary, not Cyber Hymnal. And I do see that the former ends the line with a comma and the latter with a period, but the apostrophes both look straight to me.

When I edited my original post and added the screenshot, this is what I saw in the editing mode:

But when I saved the edit or published it or whatever it's called, the screenshot was not visible (or even mentioned) in the resulting version of the OP.

In "Hymns to the Living God" the last line of the verse repeats. It does not do this in 'Lutheran Hymnary" so the last line is highlighted as a difference along with the comma at the end of the previous line because in "Lutheran Hymnary" the line ends with a period. (There may have originally been an extra space inserted at the end of the line in HTLG)

Of course. Thanks!

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