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Hello all,

I have been attempting to track down a copy of my old school hymn book, I believed it may have been published in the 1960's or 1970's in the UK, although I'm unable to recall the title. I do believe that it was published by Edward Arnold, who were a educational publisher in the north of England, and where the school was based. At the time,the school mandated that a school assembly was held mornings, three days a week which included worship and although I enjoyed singing - being a teenager, I did not understand the need for such things. I have since realised not just the beauty and joy of worship but now fully embrace the spiritual significance of worship and want to trace a copy of my old school hymn book.

I had attempted to contact the publishers - who I think were Edward Arnold Limited, who I think became part of the Hodder Group in 2001 and then, possible on-sold to Taylor and Francis since then. The school I attended was Moseley Grammar school in Cheadle, south Manchester and the book was hard backed with a pale blue textile covering - which doesn't narrow it down much. The school ceased to exist in the 1990 and I have now moved across the world, so am unable to track down the book back in the UK.

This may be totally the wrong place to make a request such as this, given this is about a book and not a hymn, and for that please forgive me... 


(Sorry if this is obvious, but) If I were looking for such a thing, I would search:

  • eBay (be sure to search completed as well as current auctions)
  • Your preferred search engine, image search. Be sure to try narrowing by color.
  • Used book dealer marketplace websites:  Alibris; BookFinder; etc.

Experiment with search terms for any details you can remember.

Blessings for the best of success!


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